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The Firemen of St. Johnsville

The St. Johnsville Firemen spent countless hours helping us in the past weeks, many at great financial sacrifice because they didn't go to their regular jobs. Many fireman had heavy water and mud damage in their own homes, but they ignored their needs to help the community. After a few hours of sleep they were back on the job again, many put in 16-20 hour days. Out of their funds the Firemen bought generators, sump pumps and served meals at the fire house to help the community.

During the crisis the fireman rescued many people, even people stranded on the river in their boats. They rescued men stuck on a train down by Yosts by using their jet skis. Then they pumped out our basements, some were pumped many times a day until they were dry.

A superb job was done by all of the men. Now they need our help. The flooding was extensive at the park and it soon will be time for the Fireman's Fair. All the freezers, refrigerators, and stoves at the park were ruined along with the prizes they use during the fair. A lot of work needs to be done very fast. Can you help them by giving a donation to the Firemen? This will help them purchase the necessary equipment for the coming fair.

What is the Fireman's Fair? It is an event put on by the fireman to raise money for their needs and equipment to better serve the community.

Send your donation to:

St. Johnsville Fire Department
6 W. Main Street
St. Johnsville, NY 13452
Phone (518) 568-7996

Let's say "Thank You" by giving them OUR support!

Photos by Terry Potoczny  

More Photos of The Flood

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