by AJ Berry

The Terror Series

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A Time of Terror, Part One, 346 pages
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Review from reader left on The title of this book doesn't do justice to its content. It is obvious that the author did extensive research, as source material references and end notes give evidence. This book is so well written that it will appeal to residents of historic upstate New York, students, and educators as well as genealogists and history buffs. Ms. Berry includes some stories that are not commonly mentioned, including a special section on the Loyalists. It is one of those books of non-fiction that is hard to put down. An extensive index of names is included in "So It Was Written", volume 2 of what will be a trilogy.

Anita A. Smith. Town and Village of St. Johnsville Historian in the CSE March 3, 2006
A Time of Terror by Joyce Berry is interesting reading for all who want to learn about the Revolutionary War events that took place in our area. The Mohawk Valley is rich with the early history of our nation. Her style of writing makes it easy to learn of each event by reading just a few pages. I hope this encourages children to read this book and thus appreciate the history of our area. There is information on the early pioneers of Colonel Jacob Klock's Tryon County Militia. Their brave deeds and fight for liberty speak to readers by providing a first hand account of 18th century history. A time of Terror brings the pioneer settler's stories alive. Ms. Berry's book is well written and researched. She includes primary source material plus credit for the documentation on the works of earlier authors of history. In addition, there is a section on the carefully preserved historic structures in the Mohawk Valley.

So It Was Written Part Two, 501 pages

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The Palatine story, Pension Applications, Life in the Valley after the Revolution.


Brothers In Arms, Part Three of the Terror Series

677 pages, 23,000 names.Advance look at the INDEX, down load in PDF format. Look at the Table of Contents, MS Word.

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Part Three in A Time of Terror series, Brothers in Arms, continues the story of the Revolutionary War in the Mohawk Valley with the contributions of Algonquins, Iroquois, French, Dutch, English, Scots, and Irish.

Many old world problems were eventually resolved in America and many old world customs such as witchcraft continued in the new land. In addition, Wampum, the custom of putting shoes in the walls, Debtor's Prison, and a local witch burning are covered. Many people passed through St. John's Reformed Church in the early years and the church records included in the appendix should be helpful to genealogists.

Brothers in Arms has over 70 Pension Applications of the men who served, and troop rosters. The Pension Applications are one of the last original sources still unpublished.

Times Past

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The story of the author's grandparents and parents.

Books In Progress

Don't Shoot (Until You See The White of Their Eyes) or as
General Putnam supposedly said,
"Don't shoot until you are sure you can hit them,
or I will stick my musket up your arse!"
Stories about the men, gleaned from the
Pension Applications with many more Pension Applications.

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