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One Branch of the Walrod Family Tree

In the following record of our Walrath-Walrod family there are nine generations and, so it may be more readily followed, the different generations are shown under their respective numbers, in consecutive order.


Gerhard or Henrich Wallerath

These two men are listed among the many Palatine re­fugees who landed at what is now New York, on June 13,1710 Historical data of the period of 1710 and on, contains numerous references to their activities. Although it cannot be proven, after many, many years of research, it seems at least probable that one of them is the common ancestor of most, if not all, of the Walraths or Walrods living in America today. For instance the following article appeared in the St. Johnsville (N.Y.) Enterprize (sic) and News, a well­ known genealogical publication, on April 4, 1934:

"The first Walrath in this country seems to have been Gerhard, who was one of the Pal­atines sent over by Queen about 1709-10 and who lived at the original settlement at East Camp, now Germantown, Columbia County N.Y. He seems to have been one of those who, dissatisfied with life at East Camp, removed to Schoharie.”

The Simmendinger Register shows that Gerhard had three children and that Henrich had two children and it is thought that one of these children was Jacob W. to whom our ancestry definitely can be traced.


Jacob W. Wallrath, born Feb. 21, 1723, died Feb. 1, 1790, married Magdalena Fox, born Dec. 16, 1726. Their children were Nicholas, Catharine, Margaretha, Isaac, Lea, Isaac, Rachel, Magdalena, Peter J ., Jonah, Amelia, Maria, Margaretha and Catherine.

It will be noted that there are two Isaacs in above list. In explanation of this it is probable that the first Isaac died and another child was given the same name, as seems to have been the custom in those days. This would apply, also, with the two named Margaretha and the two named Catharine.

There are many many families of Walraths and Walrods throughout the United States and Canada at the present time to whom our relationship cannot now be traced. One reason for this is that the following history is of the descendants of only one of the above named fourteen child­ren of Jacob W., (the one exception to this is that three of the descendants of Peter J. are shown)

It is impossible, at this late date, to trace more than our own direct line. The second Isaac, listed above, was born in 1758 and may have been the Isaac Walrath who is listed among those who served in the Revolutionary war. And it is quite probable that his descendants are living in different parts of America by now. Also, who knows to what parts of the country the descendants of Peter J. and of Jonah, born in 1764 and 1766, may have scattered by now. We have a partial record of the descendants of Peter J. but none whatever of the descendants of Jonah. Some of the Walrods, now living in Iowa, in Nebraska, and Saskatchewan and in other places, to whom we are now unable to trace relationship, may be descendants of Peter J. or Jonah. We do not know.


The fourteen children of Jacob W. Wallrath, 1723,and Magdalena Fox:

1. Nicholas, born Mch. 3, 1750, at Stone Arabia, now Montgomery Co., N.Y., died in 1835, at Camillus, N.Y. Served in the war of the American Revolution, in the 2nd-regiment Tryon Co. Militia, under Colonel Jacob Klock. He afterward applied for, and was granted, a pension. Married Anna Barbara Shultz, born in 1750. Their Children were Jacob, Johannes, Hiram, Abraham, Nicholas, and George.

2. Catharine, born July 28, 1751. md. Geo. Failing.

3. Margaretha, born Oct.18, 1752 md. Nicholas Weiser.

4. Isaac, born Dec. 5, 1754, no further record.

5, Lea, born Oct. 26, 1756, no further record.

6. Isaac, born Mch. 17, 1758, no further record.

7. Rachel, born Sept. 3, 1760 no further record.

8. Magdalena, born Feb. 8, 1762, md. Wm. Stokes.

9. Peter J., born June 9, 1764, married Elizabeth Bander (Bauder). We have a partial record of the descendants of Peter J., and Elizabeth Bander but, since they are living mostly in the eastern states and are so distantly related to most of us, it is not shown. An interesting fact is that Mrs. Lois Branch, of East Springfield, N.Y. a grand-daughter of Peter J., is living today, at the age of ninety years. This is most remarkable. Mrs. Branch was born in 1851, her father, Jacob Walrath, was born in 1800 and her grandfather was born in 1764, a record not often equaled. Mrs. Frances E. Basinger-Smith, of 105 Elm Ave., Delmar, N.Y. and Mrs. Geo. Gray, of East Springfield, N.Y. descendants, also, of Peter J., are also worthy of mention among those interested in their family history. Mrs. Smith has long been recognized as a genealogical authority and Mrs. Gray published a "History of East Springfield”, the demand for which neces­sitated the printing of a second edition, with copies still available.

10. Jonah, born Feb 8, 1766, no further record

11. Amelia, born Sept. 29, 1767, married M. Franklin

12. Maria, born July 18, 1772, no further record

13. Margaretha, born Jan. 1, 1775, sponsors Isaac Walrath and Marie Shultz.

14. Catharine, born Jan. 28, 1778, sponsors, Johannes Shultz and Rachel Walrath.


The six children of Nicholas Walrath, 1750, and Anna Barbara Schultz

1. Jacob, probably born in 1776, married Margaret Braut. Their children were James, Catharine, Mary, John, Rachel, Abner, Leah and Abram.

2. Johannes, a. veteran of the War of 1812 born, Sept. 11, 1783, at German Flatts now Herkimer Ob_, N.Y. died April 9, 1856 and buried on a knoll to the north-east of the farm buildings on what is now known as the Donnegan farm on the DeWitt-Welton (Iowa) highway. This was then, and later, used as the family burial plot and Johannes, his wife Leah, and others of the family were buried here. Some time after the farm passed from hands of the Walrod family the burial plot was protected only by a fence and, later, even this fence was removed and all matks obliterated and it has now been farmed for about eighty years. Married Leah Bradt, born Mch 28, 1785, died Sept 21, 1845 in Welton, a relative of Caroline Van Buren Bradt, who was a sister of President Martin Van Buren. Their children were Maria, Lucia, David, Nicholas, John Henry, Abraham, Lucinda, John William, Celinda and Phylinda.

3. Hiram, born ____no further record.

4. Abraham a veteran of the war of 1812 born April 22, 1789, at German Flatts, N.Y., died August 1863 at the home of his son, John R., one mile south of Welton, and buried in the old. cemetery at DeWitt. Married Catharine (Caty) Redman born Nov. 11, 1791, died in 1842. Their children were Elizabeth, Michael, Benjamin, Nicholas N., John R., Abraham, Sarah, William, Sylvia, and James P.

5. Nicholas, a veteran of the War of 1812, born June 8, 1792 at Cherry Valley, N.Y., died Nov. 30, 1852 in Clinton Co., Iowa. Married Sarah (Sally) Redman (Caty and Sally Redman were sisters) born Nov. 27, 1794, died Sept. 11, 1851 and buried near their home farm south of De Witt. Their children were Catharine, John, Sarah, Anna, Margaret, Hiram, Elizabeth, Abraham, Nicholas, Richard, Emily and Jacob.

6. George, born June 2, 1796, no further record.

We have no record of the descendants of Hiram or of George, above, born around 150 years ago, the descendants of whom might be some of the Walrods listed at the back of this record, to whom we are now unable to trace relationship.

Since our history, from this point, is of the descendants of Jacob, Johannes, Abraham and Nicholas, who were four of the six sons of Nicholas, 1750, (as stated, we have no record of the descendants of the other two, Hiram and George) it seems advisable, to prevent confusion and to make our record more easily followed and understood, to show each of these four branches separately. The descend­ants of Jacob, therefore, from the fifth to the ninth gen­eration, inclusive, will be shown first, followed by those of Johannes, Abraham and Nicholas.



The 8 children of Jacob Walrath, 1776, and Margaret Braut

1. James, born in 1797, had three children, Daniel Charles, Elizabeth Ann and Hiram. (this Daniel and this Hiram lived on the De Witt-Maquoketa highway in the early days),

2. Catharine, no further particulars,

3. Mary, born May 15, 1808, died Oct. 7, 1863, married March. 28, 1821 to John Simpson, born Dec. 30, 1799, died Aug. 21, 1866. Their children were Jane, Margaret, Rachel, Eliza, Betsey Ann, Abram, Harriet, Pauline, Marrietta, Horace John, Alma Augusta, Charles and William Abner,

4. John J., married Rachel A. _____ Their children were Tunis E., Jane, Melissa and Abner,

5. Rachel, no further particulars,

6. Abner, called "Uncle Abner" in later years, had a wife and two daughters in New York but left them and spent his later years around De Witt, alone. He had a shop near the Pacific House, in De Witt, where he made butcher knives, etc.,

7. Leah, called "Aunt Leah" in later years, never married, died in 1857,

8. Abram, had at least one son, George.


  The 3 children of James Wa1rod, 1797,

1. Daniel Charles, born in 1817, died Dec. 3, 1911, mar­ ried Amy Smith. Their children James Higgs, Char1es M., Ann, Lecta and Margaret Jane.

2. Elizabeth Ann, married Charles Brown,

3. Hiram, married ____ Durant, one daughter, Elizabeth.

The 13 children of Mary Walrod, 1802, and John Simpson,

1. Jane, born Feb. 28, 1822, died Nov. 9, 1845,

2. Margaret, born Dec. 14, 18:23, died Aug. 16, 1902, at Wall Lake, Iowa. Married a distant cousin, Walter Simpson, on July 31, 1883, who died one month later.

3. Rachel, born May 25, 1825 died August 30, 1825.

4. Eliza, born Oct. 13, 1826, died Feb. 23, 1884. Married 0liver Gregoire on March 28, 1848. They had one adopted son and lived at Comanche, Iowa

5. Betsey Ann, born Apr. 11, 13:28, died :Feb. 5 1834

6. Abram born March 29, 1830 died March 21, 1832.

7. Harriet, born May 8, 1832, died Sept. 27, 1892, in Des Moines . Married Philander Lockwood ( 1st husband) on May 26, 1861 and John Davis (2nd husband) in 1865,

8. Pauline, born May 17, 1834, died Jan. 15, 1889, married Wm. Ely. They lived near Shenandoah, Iowa their children were Blanche and Horace J.

9. Mari etta, bn July 11, 1836, md May 2, 1852 to Cyrus Pearsall. Their children, Alice, Ida, Carrie, Addie, Alma and Glen,

10. Horace John, born Jan. 10, 1839, died Feb. 27, 1891, married Nov 21, 1867, to Octavia Sherwood. Lived at Wall Lake, Iowa their children, May and Deane

11. Alma Augusta, born Mch. 10, 1341, died Mch. 29, 1909, married Nov. 19, 1862, to Abram Correll. Their children, Albert Duane, Alva Elbert, Imogene Francis , Dennis Simp­ son, Pauline Roger, Chester Harold and Roy Jerrold. They lived on their farm six miles north-west from Welton, Iowa where their family was born and raised.

12. Charles Ira, born May 10, 1844, died Oct. 13, 1935,

Married Jan. 1, 1877, to Mattie Grow. They had one daught­er, Marie, who lives in Biloxi, Mississippi.

13. William Abner, born March 3, 1846, married Feb 12, 1874 to Dora Chase. Their children were Leta, Leon, Leafy, Len, Clyde, Clark, and Linda. Their home, Boise, Idaho.

The 4 children of John J. Walrod and Rachel A. _____

1. Tunis E., a Civil War veteran, entered Aug 14, 1862

Co. F., 26th Iowa Infantry, married Catharine Names (a daughter of Elizabeth Walrod Names, see descendants of Abraham, 1789) Lived at Barnum, Iowa and Fort Dodge. One daughter, Mary Jane.

2. Jane, md Sebert Murphy, 2 daughters, Medora and Rachel Ann,

3. Melissa, md Joseph Smith, their children, Benjamin, Gene

(who is still living et Beresford, South Dakota), Delia, Marth and Mayme (twins), Jennie, Lester, Harry, Lora and Glen,

4. Abner, md Della Pierce. Abner was killed, caught in a tumbling rod on a horse power threshing machine,

The one son of Abram Walrod, son of Jacob, 1776

George, lived at Ireton, Iowa, where he, with his father, operated a skating rink in the 1880s. Three child­ren, Carl, Martha (now Mrs, Martha Hone, address, Alcester S. Dak.,) and Luella,


The 5 children of Daniel Charles Walrod, 1817 and Amy Smith

1. James Riggs, born Mch., 1841, died Oct 1921, married Melissa Walrod, born 1844 died May 1935 (daughter of Abraham Walrod 1815 and Julia Sawyer, see descendants of Johannes, 1783). 0 n e son, Riley H.

2. Charles M., bn Oct. 26, 1846,. d. Mch. 11, 1924, md Feb 17, 1869, to Madora Murphy. Their children were Burton Emmett, May and Harley M.

3. Ann, married a man named Kenyon,

4. Lecta, no further particulars,

5. Margaret Jane, married Bur11 B. Wright, of Maquoketa,

The 1 daughter of Hiram Walrod and ____ Durant

1. Elizabeth, born May 15, 1861 married a man named Sherman (1st husband.) and, later, a man named Pike (2nd husband) who died 3 years ago. Mrs. Pike is still living, in Sioux City, age 81. Her father, Hiram, died at her home in Sioux City.

The 2 children of Pauline Simpson, 1839 and William E1y ,

1. Blanche, married _____ Stambaugh. Their children, Leta,

Deane, and Harriet. Deane never married and Harriet married a man by the name of Preston and has one son, Dale Deane.

2. Horace J., had two sons, Lloyd a nd Leon,

The 2 children of Horace J. Simpson, 1839, and Octavia Sherwood

1. May, married _____ McGirr, they made their home in Boise, Idaho for a number of years where he died in 1936. Their children, Donald, Thelma, Wilma, Lucille, Marian, Richard and Helen. May later went to Australia with one of her daughters.

2. Deane, lives in California and has one son, Horace, Jr.

The 8 children of Alma August Simpson, 1841 and Abram Correll.

1.Albert Duane, born Sept. 11, 1863, died Nov. 20, 12>64,

2. Alva Elbert, born Feb. 12, 1866,

3. Imogene Frances, born Aug. 26, 1868, died Dec. 14, 1924, married Mch. 15, 1893, to Wesley Copenhafer, who died in June, 1941. Their children, Pearl Zelma, Ralph Simpson, Hazel Alma, Wilbur Abram and Lloyd Marion,

4. Dennis Simpson, born Aug. 6, 1870, died Nov. 28, 1898,

5. Pauline, born May 17, 1873, md Feb. 19, 1896, to Nich­olas Wulf, who died Oct. 23, 1937. Mrs. Wulf now lives in DeWitt, their children, Glenn Galen, Eula Fern, and Beryl Jerrold,

6. Roger, born Nov. 20, 1875, died Oct. 3, 1880,

7. Chester Harold, born Feb. 23, 1884, died April 30, 1923, married Dec. 1, 1909, to Pearl Curtis. Their child­ren, Curtis Victor, Lynn Vincent and Robert,

8. Roy Jerrold, born Feb. 21, 1886,

The 1 daughter of Tunis E. Walrod and Catharine Names,

1. Mary Jane, married Delistine Ely, 2 sons, Claude & Guy,

The 2 daughters of Jane Walrod and Sebert Murphy,

1. Madora, born Aug. 8, 1849, died Feb. 4, 1941. Married Charles M. Walrod as shown above,

2. Rachel Ann, second wife of John Henry Walrod (see desc­endants of Johannes, 1783).


The 1 son of James Riggs Walrod, 1841, and Melissa Walrod,

1. Riley H., , born in September, 1868, in Clinton Co., Iowa, present address, Crab Orchard, Nebraska. One daught­er, who is now Mrs. F. T. Hartwell, Big Springs, Nebraska,

The 3 children of Charles M. Walrod, 1846, and Madora Murphy ,

1. Dr. Burton Emmett, born Dec. 18, 1870, in Clinton Co., Iowa, died Apr. 19, 1936, married Nov. 2, 1892, at Le Mars Iowa, to Emma, Frances Worcester, born in Jackson Co., Iowa. Their children were Wayne Burdette, Marvel May, Worth Meidell, J Verling and Virginia Louise,

2. Dr. May, died in 1936, married a man named Redfield,

3. Harley M. still living at Rapid City, South Dakota, where the Chas. M. Walrods lived for many years,

The 5 children of Imogene Frances Correll, 1868, and Wesley Copenhafer,

1. Pearl Zelma, born Jan. 21, 1894,

2. Ralph Simpson, born Aug. 6, 1895, died Apr. 3, 1935,

3. Hazel Alma, born Sept. 3, 1897, married a man named Sitterly,

4. Wilbur Abram, born July 25, 1905, one son, Wilbur, Jr.,

5. Lloyd Marion, born May l_, 1908, married Mch. 2, 1935,

to Mary Harvey. They have one daughter,

The 3 childrren of Pauline Correll, 1873, and Nicholas Wulf ,

1. Glenn Galen, born Mch. 14, 1897, married Feb. 23, 1922, to Talva Sanford. Their children, Glenn Lavern, Roberta Beryl, Loree Jeanette, Lyle Leroy and Dale Deane. Present address, 234 Central Ave., South, Kent, Washington,

2. Eula Fern, born Apr. 25, 1901, lives with her mother in De Witt,

3. Beryl Jerrold, born Aug. 19, 1905, married Faye Kell in 1928, two adopted children, Brian Jerrold and Gary Lee, home DeWitt, Iowa.

The 3 children of Chester Harold Correll, 1884, and Pearl Curtiss ,

1. Curtis Victor, born Sept. 18, 1910, married in June, 1929, to Maxine Hall. Their children are Shirley Ann, Curtis, Jr., and a baby daughter,

2. Lynn Vincent, born Feb. 15, 1913, died Oct. 27, 1919,

3. Robert, born Nov. 12, 1919,

The 2 sons of Mary Jane Walrod and Delistine Ely ,

1. Claude, a lawyer and judge, in Denver, Colorado,

2. Guy, married Lulu Collson, who is Iowa state Red Cross chairman of V. of F. W. Their present address is 2026 Hi­land Park Ave., Fort Dodge, Iowa. Claude and Guy took the name of Walrod instead of their father's name, Ely,


The 5 children of Dr. Burton E. Walrod, 1870 and F rances Worcester ,

1. Wayne Burdette, born Apr. 24,1895, in Lincoln Co.,

South Dakota, died Oct. 18, 1918, at Camp John Wise, Texas,

2. Marvell May, born May 1, 1897, in L incoln Co., South Dakota,

now living at 290 East Main St., Wabash, Indiana,

3. Dr. Worth Meidell, born Apr. 9, 1900 , at Kirksville, Missouri , married June 17, 1931, to Martha Janice Fawcus. Their children, Worth Meidell, Jr., born Dec. 8, 1934 and Jean­nine Ann, born Apr. 13, 1937, in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Pre­sent address, North Manchester, Indiana,

4. Dr. J. Verling, born Sept. 22, 1902, in Wabash, Indiana, married Dec. 21, 1930, to Mary Hart. One adopted son, David March, born May 22, 1934, in Indianapolis. Present address, Peru, Indiana,

5. Virginia Louise, born July 2 6, 1904, in Wabash, I n­ diana, died Oct. 18, 1924,

The 5 chilidren of Glenn Galen Wulf, 1897, and Telva San­ford

1.Glenn Lavern, born July 4, 1924,

2. Roberta Beryl, born March 24, 1926,

3. Loree Jeanette, born Dec. 24, 1927,

4. Lyle Leroy, born Aug. 2, 1930,

5. Dale Deane, born May 29, 1932,

The 3 children of Curtis Victor Correll, 1910, and Maxine Hall,

1. Shirley Ann, born March 23, 1930,

2. Curtis, Jr., born Sept. 27, 1931,

3. Baby daughter, born



The eleven children of Johannes Walrath and Leah Bradt ,

1. Maria, bn in New York in 1806, no further particulars

2. Lucia, bn Nov. 9, 1807, buried at Welton, Iowa married Jacob Lepper, son of John Lepper, Revolutionary War Veteran. Their children, Mary, Leah Anne, Harriet, Jacob Jr., and John,

3. David, bn Mch. 29, 1809, died in 1854, md Mary Ann Greerman, bn in 1814, died in 1904. Their children, Martha, John Henry, Caroline, Marietta, Job G., Salinda and Lucinda Mahala

4. Nicholas, bn in 1811, last heard of at Sleepy Eye, Minnesota

5. Henry, bn Aug. 14, 1813, was accidentally shot and killed wbile hunting wild hogs on Nigger Creek, -later called Silver Creek, on Dec. 9, 1844. This creek is to the west of the old John Walrod farm, north of DeWitt,

6. Abraham, bn Oct. 8, 1815, md Julia Sawyer. Their child­ren, George, Henry, Melissa, Fanny, Oscar, Alice, Alfred, Lafayette, Louis, Felia, Stella and Sarah. Descendants, when last heard of, lived near Sioux City and in Nebraska,

7. Lucinda, bn Sept. 18, 1817, md a man named Bartlett,

8. John, bn in 1819, died July 11, 1825,

9. William, bn Aug. 3, 1821, died Jan. 29, 1850,

10. Celinda, bn Aug. 16, 1823, md William E. Leffingwell, a noted criminal lawyer and, later, judge. Their children were Charles, killed while hunting about 1876, Ella, who married a man named Hodge and lived at Maquoketa, Iowa; Frank, a lawyer in Chicago; Bruce, Maude, George, Blanche and Robert, all of Chicago,

11. Phylinda, bn Sept. 17, 1828, died in Sioux City July 22, 1914, buried in the Floyd cemetery, md Ira N. Lepper, bn Aug. 31, 1824, d. Dec. 29, 1907. Their children were Margaret Lucia, James Francis, Mary Amelia, Emma Jane, Anna Caroline, Alma Elizabeth, Ella Leah, Ira Eugene, Dora Belle, John Henry and William Bruce.


The five children of Lucia Walrod, 1807, and Jacob Lepper,

1. Mary, md Smith Warther. Their children were Jacob, Harry, Elizabeth, Harriet, Nellie and Addie

2. Leah Anne, md at Clinton, Iowa, to Edward E. Corbett. Their children were Lucia, Jacob, Arza, Flora, Harriet, Cylinda, Smith, Mary, Louella, Emery, Orlin and Grace,

3. Harriet, md Geo. Mescher, several children,

4. Jacob, Jr., md Esther Vickery, of DeWitt. Their child­ren were two girls and one son, Albert,

5. John, a Civil War veteran, never heard from afterward.

The 7 children of David Walrod, 1809, and Mary A. Greenman,

1. Martha, bn July 25, 1833, married a men named Byington, (1st husband) and G. F. Hubbard(2nd husband),

2. John Henry, bn July 12, 1835, in Pennsylvania, d. Oct. 19, 1925, in Sioux City, md on July 3, 1855, to Mary Jane MEyer (1st wife). Their daughter, Josephine, bn May 3, 1857, d. Oct. 3, 1857. Married Rachel Ann Murphy (2nd wife), their children were Maude, Harry, Laura and Earl C.,

3. Caroline, bn Oct 1840, md a man named Pierce,

4. Marietta, md Frank Butler, their children, Harry, and Eddie ,

5. Job G., bn May 28, 1843, d. in 1927, served in the Civil War, enlisting in Aug. 1862, in the 26th I. V. I., served 3 years, was in the Battle of Arkansas Pose, where he was wounded, was at the Siege of Vicksburg and in the Battle of Lookout Mountain. Married Emma McConnell, bn in 185O, died in 1902. Their children, Mary Elizabeth and Warren,

6. Salinda, bn Oct., 1845, no further particulars,

7. Lucinda Mahala, bn Sept. 1, 1851, d. Nov. 20, 1939, md Warren Adelbert Pooler. Their children, Chloe and Ervin,

The 11 children of Phylinda Walrod, 1828 and I. N. Lepper,

1. Margaret Lucia, bn Nov. 28, 1847, md Andrew Hoffman. Their children were Paul, Pearl end Carl, live at Sioux City ,

2. James Francis, bn March 9 1849, died at Knierim, Iowa, at age of 76, md Addie Sharp, who d. at Ft. Dodge. Their children were Charles, Nora Belle, Claire and Bertha Mae,

3. Mary Amelia, bn Jan. 22, 1851, married Thos. Alderdice and moved to Milan, Kansas,

4. Emma Jane, born June 25, 1852 died in Souix City, married Alvin E. Mote_ Their children, Rollin and Harry E.,

5. Anna Caroline; bn Sept 5, 1854, married William H. Irona. Their children were Clandine, Ora and Lela;

6. Alma Elizabeth, bn July 24 1858, still living at 3916 Madison st., Sioux City. Married Walter H. Denton and they have one son, Eugene,

7. Ella Leah, bn May 18, 1862, d. Feb 24, 1863,

8. Ira Eugene, bn July 20, 1864, still living R. F_ D. #1,

Sioux City, farmed the Tune Walrod farm adjoining Barnum, Iowa, at one time. Md Linda McFarland, one daughter, Lucy,

9. Dora Belle, bn Dec. 2, 1866, d. Mch_ 26, 1867,

10. John Henry, bn Dec. 29, 1869, an active eye special­ist now living at 513 No. Washington Ave., his office at 128 1st St., S.E., Mason City, Iowa. The Doctor is one of the greatest living authorities on Lepper and Walrod fam­ily history. M arried Irene Estelle Templeman, on Oct. 6 1871, at Norway, Benton Co., Iowa, One child Lora Marie

11. William Bruce, bn Feb. 23, 1874, died Oct. 31, 1877, Sioux­




The 3 children of Maude Walrod, 1883, and Joseph R. Bray ,

1. Kenneth, bn Aug. 4, 1906, married Oct. 8, 1934, to Marian E. Schu,

2. Harry, bn May 16, 1908, a soldier at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri,

3. James E., born Jan.11, 1910, married on Sept. 9, 1941, to Georgia Klise. Home, Hawarden, Iowa,

The 2 children of Laura Walrod, 1887, and Ray Horton ,

1. Helen F., married on Oct. 9, 1933, to Don E. Kemmish,

2. Jack, died Dec. 19, 1933.

The 2 children of Warren Walrod, 1871, and Evelyn Hasti ngs

1. Hazel Evelyn, born May 11, 1898, married Chauncey Spencer Harrington, bn Mch. 15, 1895, died Sept. 21, 1932 Their children, Marjorie Anita born June 26, 1921 and Charles Warren, born Dec 9, 1929. Charles recently was awarded the Medora E. Bricker Memorial medal for having the highest average in history in the 8th grade of the DeWitt public school,

2. Harold Warren, born June 26, 1900, married Edna Pearl Johnson,. born Mch. 3, 1901. Their son, Wayne Harold, born June 2, 1924. Wayne, like his forefathers, is a breeder of pure bred hogs.

The 3 children of Lora Marie Lepper, 1894, and Harry Edwin Swarner

Barbara Jeanne, born May 28, 1918, married Harold A. Leake,

2. Elizabeth Ann, still at home,

3. Robert Evans, 19 years of age, recently joined the army



The 10 children of Abraham WALRATH, 1789, and Caty Redman

1. Elizabeth, bn Sept. 4, 1812, md Squire Names, their children, Catharine, Loren W., Sarah Ann and DeWitt,

2. Michael, bn Dec. 12, 1814, in New York, d. Apr. 2, 1897, md Catharine Burger, on Oct. 8, 1837, in Germany, d. Oct. 3, 1932. Their children were Charles George, Nicholas Abraham, Mary F., John P., Jesse L., Dora L., Nettie A., Joseph, Retta, Guy and Garnet,

3. Benjamin Franklin, bn Jan 18, 1817, in New York, d. July 17, 1888, md Sept. 1, 1841, to Rachel Anna Rodgers, bn Dec. 12, 1827, d. July 16, 1900. Their children were Louisa, Lavina, Helen, Abigail, Adeline, Caroline, Franklin Benjamin, Anna, Cicero, John Jacob and Mary Etta

4. Nicholas N., bn Aug. 27, 1820, in Chautauqua Co., N. Y., d. Jan. 5, 1897, in Yuma, Arizona, md in 1848, to Polly Ruhamy Tyler, bn Dec. 27, 1829. Their children, Lucretia Ann, Ellen Edie, Lecty Elizabeth, Horrice (Horace ?) Herman and Ruhamy Viola,

5. John R., bn Dec. 9, 1822, in Utica, N. Y., d. Feb. 12, 1906, in De Witt, md Nancy Tyler (sister of Polly Ruhamy Tyler)bn June 8, 1835, in Oberlin, Ohio, d. July 16, 1930, in De Witt. (The deed to the John R. Walrod farm, one mile south of Welton, Iowa, is signed by U. S. President Fil­more and is now in the p ossession of Ward D. Walrod , in DeWitt). Their children were Frank, Riley P., C. Athalia, Martha and Ward D.,

6. Abraham, bn Jan. 22, 1824, known as California Abe, (his two first cousins, named Abraham, sons of Johannes, 1783, and Nicholas 1792, were known as Devil Abe. and Little Abe, to distinguish them) married a Cramblet (sister of Matilda Cramblet, first wife of Abraham, son of Nicholas, 1792, see descendants of Nicholas, 1792),

7. Sarah, bn May 3, 1827, married Lyman Evans,

8. William, bn March 5, 1830, no further record

9. Sylvia, bn Dec. 5, 1832, married Geo. Scott. Their children were Lottie, Libbie _nd George,

10. James P., bn Oct. 12, 1835, died in 1916, married Sarah Brown, born in 1842, died in 1905 .



The 4 children of Elizabeth (Aunt Betsey) Walrod, lS12, and Squire Names,

1. Catherine, married Tunis E. Walrod, their daughter Mary Jane (listed under descendants of Jacob Walrath)

2. Loren W., a lawyer of known repute, western states,

3. Sarah Ann, no further particulars,

4. Dewitt, no further particulars,

The 11 children of Michael Walrod, 1814, and Catherine Burger ,

1. Charles George, bn Feb. 3, 1858, probably near DeWitt, kicked by a horse near Afton, Oklahoma June 14, 1904, and died the following day, md at Breckinridge, Mo., Feb. 6, 1884, to Martha Ruth Erwin, on Feb. 11, 1867. Their child­ren were Earl Phillip, Nellie, Emmett, Francis, Raymond, Howard H., Grace, Clara E., Richard, John, Eugene, Martha Ruth Walrod now lives with her second husband, ______ Branstetter, on West Spring St., Eldorado Springs, Missouri.

2. Nicholas Abraham, bn July 3, 1860, in Kansas, d. June 23, 1935, md Mary Elizabeth Mather-Davis (first wife) b. in 1858, d. November, 1884, one son, Charles. Married Oct. 7, 1896, to Jennie Elmina Uitchell-Black (second wife), bn March 23, 1877, their children, Agnes Catharine, John Philip, Glennavern Nicholas, Garnet Florence, Selma June and Arthur Eugene, .

3. Mary F., born Mch. 5, 1864, died April 4, 1864,

4. John P., bn Jan. 25, 1865, d. Jan. 2, 1934, md Mch. 12, 1902, to Edna Bakey, their children, Muriel, Herman Michael, Elsie, Roy Nicholas, Wyman William and Melvin Jennings.

5. Jesse L., bn Feb. 25, 1867, d. Jan. 16, 1927, md Lottie R. Wright. Their children were Vere A., Claude M., Joyce L. and Lyle A.,

6. Dora L., bn Jan. 16, 1869, md in 1894 to Malcolm B.Black, now deceased. Their children were Lyda, Hazel, Hugh and Cyril. Mrs. Black's present address is Knierim, Iowa.

7. Nettie A., bn Hay 19, 1870, md March 12, 1902, to Albert Bakey, now deceased (this was a double wedding ceremony at which John P. Walrod was married to Edna Bakey and Nettie A. Walrod was married to Albert Bakey, brother and sister in each case). Their children were Lyda Fern, Florence LaVonne, Ila Marie, William and Evelyn Lorraine. Mrs. Bakey's present address is Barnum, Iowa,

8. Joseph, born Feb. 8, 1872, died April 17, 1872,

9. Retta, bn Feb. 21, 1874, md Bert Reed, now deceased.

One daughter, Mildred Ethel. Mrs. Reed now lives with this daughter, Mrs. Harvey Graffunder at Somers, Iowa,

10. Guy, bn Sept. 5, 1875 died June 24, 1935,

11. Garnet, bn Sept. 28, 1881, md in 1902 to Franklin P. Lowe, now deceased. One son Walter Kenneth. Mrs. Lowe's present address is 22 Butler Building, Ft. Dodge, Iowa, where she now is a practicing Doctor of Chiropractic,

The 12 children of Benjamin Franklin Walrod, 1817 and Rachel Anna Rodgers ,

1. Louisa, bn Mch. 16, 1843, in New York, our only record,

2. Lavina, bn June 8, 1844, in New York, our only record,

3. Helen, bn Mch. 14, 1846, in New York, our only record,

4. Abigail, bn March 14, 1848, in DeWitt, Iowa d. July 29, 1933, in Mayetta, Kaneas, md Dec. 9, 1864, in Leavemvorth, Kans. to Amory Napoleon Pooler, bn Dec. 2, 1838, in New York, died. March 25, 1908, in Mayetta, Kansas. Their children were Anna Louise, Mary Ella, Benjamin Franklin, Amory Lewis, Nathaniel Levi, William Henry Ida Effie, Edward Elmer, Albert Leslie and Mabel Lota.

5. Adeline born Nov 15, 1849, no further record

6. Caroline, born Nov. 15, 1849, no further record, _

7. Franklin Benjamin born May 31, 1851, in Clinton Co. Iowa., d. March 1,1920, in Kansas City, Missouri. Married Dec 23, 1870 , to Kate Mishie (1st wife). Five children were born to this union, three dying in infancy, the two living being Charlie Milton and Anna Rachel. Their mother died while these children were all small. Married Apr. 29, 1884, in Leavenworth Co., Kansas, to Sarah Eliza Britten, (2nd wife), on Feb. 14, 1869, at Clinton, Kansas, d. Oct. 7, 1900, at LeCompton, Kansas. Their children were Abbie Alma, Helen Floy Agnes (marie), Frances Nora Cordelia, Arthur Franklin, Olie Frederica and Carl William,

8. Anna, bn Dec. 20, 1853, no further record,

9. Cicero, bn Oct. 6, 1855, no further record,

10. Flora, on Sept. 8, 1857, no further record,

11. John Jacob, bn May 7, 1864, md Sept. 14, 1890, to Rosa Belle McKeever (1st wife), on May 9, 1870, at Hoyt, Kansas. Their children were Lee, Mary, Viola, Nellie, James, Effie, Cora, Lena Marie, Albert, Elsie Letha and Cecil R. Married Feb 4, 1920 at Topeka, Kansas, to Alice Anna Smith Starkey (2nd wife). John J. is the only surviving member of this family of twelve children and their home is at Mayetta, Kansas, R. R. No.1, Box 53,

12. Mary ,Etta, on June 21, 1866, no further record.

The 5 children of Nicholas N. Walrod, 1820 and Polly Ruhamy Tyler ,

1. Lucretia Ann, bn April 3, 1849 d. Dec. 11, 1928,

married Andrew staggs (1st husband), one son, Nicholas J. Md John J. Huebner (2nd husband), May 9, 1877. Their two sons were George G. and Charlie Clay.

2. Ellen Edie, bn J_n. 27, 1851, d. Nov. 30, 1900, at Council Bluffs, Iowa, md Apr. 18, 1867, to Alden Orlando Mudge. Their children were Herman L., Willie, Dolly, Elsie Viola and Irene Ann,

3. Lecty Elizabeth, bn Feb. 12, 1853, d. Oct. 31, 1853,

4. Horrice Herman, bn Oct. 24, 1854, d. Jan. 8, 1929. Married Dec. 11, 1877, to Amelia J. McConnell (a sister of Emma McConnell, who was wife of Job G. Walrod, 1843, see descendants of Johannes, l783, 6th generation). They had one daughter, Lela May,

5. Ruhamy Viola, bn July 14, 1858, died Dec. 5, 1932 Married Dec. 7, 1876, to Geo. G. Dobler (1st husbGnd) and, later, to Dr. George, (2nd husband), no children,

The 5 children of John R. Walrod, 1822, and Nancy Tyler ,

1. Frank, bn Aug. 9, 1852, died in a boiler explosion in Denver, Jan. 30, 1894, md Kate Farley, bn in England in 1853, d. in Los Angeles in 1903 Their children were John Chessman and Martha Maud, .

2. Riley P., bn Sept. 9, 1854, in Clinton Co., d. July 26, 1941, in Kelowna, British Columbia, md Dec. 31, 1877, to Philena Elizabeth Bardwell, bn Aug. 12, 1857, in Clinton Co., still living at Kelowna, B. C. Their children were Bertha Belle, Walter Bruce, John Milton, Harry Lee, Charlie Ross, Lottie Leone, Elverton Jay, Leslie Fayette, Ruth, Helen and Hazel,

3. C. Athalia, bn Jan. 24, 1857, died March 22, 1927 married Chas. Howson who , in later years, was one of DeWitt's business men. Their one daughter, Leola died in early life,

4. Martha, bn Aug. 28, 1863, died June 19, 1872,

5. Ward D., bn Oct. 19, 1873, in Clinton Co., md Iona M. Knight, bn Apr. 26, 1877. Operates a bus service out of DeWitt. One daughter, Melba. Yaeir home, DeWitt, Iowa,

The 3 children of Sylvia Walrod, 1832, and Geo. Scott ,

1. Lottie, married and had two children,

2. Libbie, married and divorced,

3. George, never married.



The 10 children of Charles George Walrod, 1858, and Martha Ruth Erwin ,

1. Earl Phil1op, bn Jan. 26, 1885, near Kingston, Mo., employed in 1904 by St. Louis and San Francisco Railway, now an engineer, running from Tulsa, 0klahoma to Monett, Mo. Md Aug. 26, 1919, at Springfield, Mo., to Minnie Plantz, born Dec. 17, 1898, at Turtle Lake, Wisconsin. One daughter, Clare, Louise, bn March 3, 1931. Present address, 220 S. Olympia, Tulsa, Oklahoma,

2. Nellie, bn May 17, 1886, at Hamilton, Mo., md March 26, 1911, to Robt. Sherman. Their children, Robert, Martha, and Mary Lou. Mrs. Sherman now lives at 139 E. Walnut, Osawatomie, Kansas,

3. Emmett Francis, bn Jan. 2, 1888, at Hamilton, Mo., md in Iowa, June 11, 1917, to Sarah Hampton. Their present address, P. O. Box 443, Stillwater, Oklahoma .

4. Raymond, bn Sept. 15, 1889, at Hamilton, Mo., never married_ present address, general del., Bartlesville, Okla. ,

5. Howard H. bn Apr. 22, 1892, married May 19, 1916, to Edith I. Puetz, two children, Helen and Howardine. Their home, Clear Lake, Iowa, where they are wholesale and retail dealers in berries and plants,

6. Grace, bn Jan. 26, 1895, at Louisburg, Missouri, md at Nevada, Mo., Nov. 2, 1929, to Dr. J. U. Haynes, present ad­ dress, Macksville, Kansas, .

7. Clara E., bn July 25, 1897, at Chari ty, Missouri, md, in Chicago, Aug. 27, 1927, to Tony Dohnal. Present address, 1619 S. Racine, Chicago, Ill.,

8. Richard, bn July 8, 1899, at Charity, Mo., md June 26, 1927, to Frances ______. One child, Dolores. Present ad­dress, 7634 Sunset, Kansas City, Mo., R7,

9. John, bn Sept. 11, 1901, last heard from at Gold Hill, Nevada, Oct. 16, 1922 and, a little later, a telegram from Provo, Utah,

10. Eugene, bn Apr. 19, 1903, near Afton, Okla. Never married, now lives, with his mother, at Eldorado Springs, M o.

The 1 son of Nicholas A. Walrod, 1860, and Mary Elizabeth Mather-Devis ,

1. Charles, bn in 1882, died in May, 1885,

The 6 children of Nicholas A. Walrod and Jennie Almina Mitchell-Black ,

1. Agnes Catharine, on Sept. 29, 1897, md Oct. 7, 1924, to Christian Henry Mortensen. Their children, Shirley Ann, bn May 17, 1925; Doris Janet, bn Dec. 23, 1927; Ardis Marie, bn Aug. 11, 1929; Marilyn Christine, bn Mch. 25, 1931; Chas. Nicholas, bn May 25, 1933 and Ester Agnes, born Jan. 3, 1941,

2. John Philip, on Jan, 5,1899., md Sept. 17, 1924, to Violet May Stringer. Their children, Jennie Rose, b_ Jan. 16, 1925; Luella, bn Nov. 22, 1927; Eva Lee, on July 1, 1930 and John Elwood, bn Mch. 19, 1936,

3. Glannavern Nicholas, bn' Nov. 28, 1901, md Feb. 11, 1924, to Frances Evelyn Johnson. One child, Dale Glenn, born Oct. 13, 1925,

4. Garnet Florence, bn Oct. 22, 1902, md Oct. 12, 1921, to Harry Roy Barber. Their children, Harry Roy, bn Feb. 9, 1925; Betty Jean, bn Aug. 22, 1927 and Janet Kay, born July 16, 1938,

5. Selma June, bn June 3, 1914, md Oct. 6, 1940 to Lloyd T. Colglazier,

6. Arthur Eugene, on Oct. 29, 1916, md May 20, 1938, to Ellen Mildred Gross, one child, Harlene Ellen, bn Mch. 29, 1939,

The 6 children of John P. Walrod, 1865, and Edna Bakey,

1. Muriel, bn Dec. 21, 1902, md Mch. 27, 1924, to F. C. Loehr. Their children, LaVonne, bn Oct. 12, 1924; Alvin, bn May 25, 1926; Gerald, bn Jan. 9, 1930 and Elsie Mae, bn Aug. 24, 1931. Present address, Moorland, Iowa,

2. Herman Michael, born Feb. 13, 1906,

3. Elsie, bn Sept. 20, 1907, md May 11, 1934, to Glen Hicks. Their children, Roger, bn July 31, 1935 and Dean, bn Feb. 9, 1940. Present address, Somers, Iowa,

4. Roy Nicholas, born Feb. 28, 1909, .

5. Wym ann William, bn Mch. 28, 1911, md June 1, 1940, to Phyllis Julius. One son, Ronald Darrell, born May 11, 1941. Present address, Somers, Iowa,

6. Melvin Jennings, on Nov. 17, 1912, md Jan. 31, 1942, to Alice Gilchrist. Home, Fort Dodge, Iowa. Me1vin was called for Foreign Service in the present war.

The 4 children of Jesse L. Walrod, 1867, and Lottie R. Wright ,

1. Vere A., bn Aug. 24, l899, at Callendar, Iowa, md Apr. 8, 1921, to Margaret Kane. Their children, Beverly M ., bn July 28, 1922; Vere A., bn Nov. 18, 1923 and Jack L., born April 25, 1929. Home, Fort Dodge, Iowa,

2. Claude M., bn Mch. 15, 1901, in Callendar, Iowa, md Nov. 1, 1926, to Gladys Johnson. One child, Nancy J., bn Mch. 30, 1930. Home, Fort Dodge, Iowa, where Claude operates the Walrod Varsity Shop, a clothing store for men,

3. Joyce L., bn Jan. 17, 1903, at Callendar, Iowa, died Nov. 26, 1905,

4. Lyle A., bn Feb. 9, 1908, at Callendar, Iowa, md June 22, 1926, to Gerald Butler. Their children, Lyall A. bn Sept. 27, 1927; Roy W., bn Aug 25 1932, Nov. 6, 1933 and Marie J., bn Aug. 4, 1937. Home, Fort Dodge, Iowa,

The 4 children of Dora L. Walrod, 1869, a nd Malcolm B. Black,

1. Lyda, bn Mch. 27, 1895, md in 1914 to G. Horace Julius. Their children, Phyllis, Farril Eisenhart, Gordon Horace and Isobel Maurine,

2. Hazel, born Sept. 6, 1896,

3. Hugh, bn July 13, 1901, md in 1921 to Elsie Loehr (1st wife), who died in 1922. One child, Doris Ruth, bn in 1922. Md in 1930 to Marie Wagner (2nd wife),

4. Cyril Ernest, born Aug. 19, 1903,

The 5 children of Nettie A. Walrod, 1870, and Albert Bakey ,

1. Lyda Fern, bn Dec. 25, 1903, married Apr. 10, 1932, to Ralph Brown, now a barber in Knierim, Iowa,

2. Florence LaVonne, bn Oct. 25, 1905, living at home with her mother, at Barnum, Iowa.,

3. Ila Marie, bn May 10, 1908, md Nov 21, 1929, to Law­rence Gordon. Their children, Laurence Lea, bn March 29, 1936 and Harold Alan, bn Feb. 14, 1941,

4. William, bn Aug. 11, 1910, died April 10, 1914,

5. Evelyn Lorraine, bn Nov. 24, 1917, md June 12, 1937, to Gordon Silver. One child, Kay Ann, born June 10, 1938. Home, Waterloo, Iowa.

The 1 daughter Retta Walrod, 1874, and Bert Reed ,

1. Mildred Ethel, born in 1910, md Aug. 30, 1929 to Har­vey Graffunder. Their children, Joseph Victor, bn May 18, 1930; Florence Ethel, bn Aug. 17, 1932; Roy Harvey bn Sept. 5, 1934; Ella Rose, bn Sept. 3, 1936; Dorothy Retta, bn Jan. 6, 1940 and Richard Eugene, bn Sept. 23, 1941. Present address, Somers, Iowa,

The 1 son of Garnet Walrod, 1881, and Franklin P. Lowe ,

1. Walter Kenneth, bn Aug. 28, 1904, md in 1925, to Thelma Wagner. Their children, Verland Franklin, bn Jan. 11, 1926; Melvin Leo, on Aug. 22, 1927; Dwayne Lee, bn May 4. 1933 and Norma Jean, born Aug. 1, 1938,

The 10 children of Abigail Walrod, 1848, and Amory Napoleon Pooler ,

1. Anna Louise, bn Sept. 18, 1865, d. Dec. 24, 1940, md July 14, 1896, to Alfred Shoaf,

2. Mary Ella, born Nov. 9, 1867, died Nov. 9, 1868,

3. Benjamin Franklin, bn July 22, 1869, d. Apr. 25, 1938, md Dec. 4, 1891, to Josie Ransier. Their children, Ralph R., Earl, Grace, Norman, Walter and Gladys,

4. Amory Lewis, bn July 8, 1871, died Oct. 18, 1872,

5. Nathaniel Levi, bn Oct. 5, 1873, d. Jan. 3, 1929, md Sept. 20, 1893, to Bessie Anderson. Their children, Roy and Edith,

6. William Henry, bn :Nov. 17, 1875, died Jan. 18, 1878,

7. Ida Effie, bn Nov. 27, 1877, md Nov 20, 1901 to Harry H. Brandt,

8. Edward Elmer, bn Jan. 27, 1879, died Jan. 15, 1937

Married, Feb. 10, 1901, to Effie Harris,

9. Albert Leslie, bn May 5, 1881, married Dec. 23, 1903 to Lucy Boling. Their children, Aran and Edna,

10. Mabel Lota, bn June 30, 1,986, md Mar. 17, 1907, to Jesse Davidson. Their children, Kenneth, Ivan, Ralph, Randolph, Aran Ray and Alfred R.,

The 2 children of Franklin Benj. Walrod, 1851, and Kate Mishie,

1. Charlie Milton bn March 1, 1872 in Kansas, married Feb 27, 1899 at LeCompton, Kansas to Evaline Stewart (1st wife). Their son, Milton, bn March 31, 1900 but the mother took the boy away on Sept. l3, 1904 and they never have been heard from since. Charlie Milton, later, md Rose Matthews, and they now live in Kansas City, Missouri.,

2. Anna Rachel, bn in 1874, married Joseph F. Davis, bn Nov. 7, 1868, at Lawrence, Kans., d. May 27, 1936. Their children, Albert Raymond, John Franklin, Jess William, Nellie Marie, Anna Marlo, George Thomas, Lula Ada, Harold Arthur, Hazel Lorna and Edith Marie, and Glenna Darlene

The 6 children of Franklin Benjamin Walrod, Sarah Eliza Britten,

1.Abbie Alma, bn June 12, 1885, in Wyandotte Co., Kans., md June 12, 1919, to Geo. G. Boxley. One child, Donis Mary, born Feb. 16, 1920, in Kansas City, Mo.,

2. Helen Floy Agnes (Marie), bn Aug. 21, 1887, in Leaven­worth Co., Kans., d. Apr. 5, 1932, in Kansas City, Mo., married in 1902 or 1903 to William Lehman of Lawrence, Kansas. One daughter, Flossie Helen,

3. Frances Nore Cordelia, bn Oct. 2, 1890, in Mayetta, Kansas, a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, in Salt Lake City. Married Mar. 8, 1922, in the Salt Lake Temple to Wallace G. Freeze,

4. Arthur Franklin, bn Sept. 21, 1893, in LeCompton, Kans., md Apr. 11, 1914, in Freeport, Ill. to Helen Schmitt, bn Oct. 30, 1895, in Freeport. Their children, Matthew, born Apr. 21, 1915, d. Mar. 5, 1920 and Pearl, bn Sept. 22, 1927, died Mar. 9, 1920,

5. 0lie Frederica, bn Men. 15, 1896, in LeCompton, Kans., d. Nov. 7, 1930, in Wichita, Kansas, md Harry Westling,

6. Carl William, bn June 24, 1899, in LeCompton, Kans., served in the 117th Ammunition Train, 42nd Rainbow Div. in World War I 1917-1918, and died Nov. 7, 1921, in Kansas Missouri from the effects of gas.

The 11 children of John Jacob Walrod, 1864, and Rosa Belle McKeever

1. Lee, bn Apr. 22" 1891, md Dec. 1, 1912, to Elsie May Colby, bn May 19, 1894. Their children: Alfred Leroy, Nor­man, Melvin, Beulah, and Opal May,

2. Mary, bn Dec. 19, 1892, died Oct. 16, 1907,

3. Viola, bn Oct. 28, 1894, md June 12, 1910, to Wm. B.

McDowell, on Apr. 4, 1898, in Oklahoma. Their children, James Lee, Mildred Nadine, Harold D., Raymond L., Ellen Fay, Ivan E., Doris Elaine, Billie Ann and Robert Dale,

4. Nellie, bn May 7, 1896, md Oct. 1, 1913, to Wm. Jesse Davison (1st husband). One son, Wm. Estell bn June 10, 1915; married to H. H. Robinson (2nd husband) Nov. 26, 1925. Present address, 116 W. A St., Ontario, California,

5. James, bn Jan. 30, 1898, now lives with his sister at Station D, Box 44, St. Joseph, Mo.,

6. Effie, bn Mch. 18, 1900, md Carl Tisza. Present ad­dress, 125 S. Hydraulic St., Wichita, Kansas, where she lives with her mother,

7. Cora, bn Dec. 30, 1901, married in Chicago, in 1924, to John Tisza, a railroad man who was accidentally killed. Now lives in Florida,

8. Lena Marie, bn Feb. 27, 1904, md Oct. 11, 1936, to Clive Raymond Patterson, on Oct. 6, 1903. Home, 125 S. Hydraulic st., Wichita, Kansas,

9. Albert, bn May 1, 1906, md Jan. 15, 1934, to Mabel Gladys Lundin, on Sept. 27, 1911. Their children are John Erick, bn July 7, 1934; James Robert, on Dec. 20, 1935; Vida Elsie, on Oct. 7, 1937 and Roy Eugene, bn Oct. 26, 1939. Home, Mayetta, Kansas,

10. Elsie Letha, bn Aug. 28, 1910, md June 6, 1936, to John Daniel White, bn Nov. 14, 1893, in Miami, Florida. Present address, Station D, Box 44, St. Joseph, Missouri ,

The 1 son of Lucretia Ann Walrod, 1849, and Andrew Staggs,

1. Nicholas J., born Dec. 11, 1869, died Oct. 23, 1873,

The 2 sons of Lucretia Ann Walrod and John J. Huebner ,

1. George G., bn Oct. 10_ 1880, md Aug 3, 1903 to Emma F. Griggs, who died Feb 17, 1934. Their children, Charlie Ellsworth and John George. Home, 1423 E. 31st Ave., Den­ver, Colorado

2. Charlie Clay, bn June 30, 1889, married Oct., 1910, to Ada Belle Hawthorne (1st wife) bn Oct. 8, 1892, d. Dec. 10, 1918. One son, Dale Clay. Md Sept. 23, 1919, to Rilla Amy Cavener (2nd wife), bn Apr. 3, 1886. Home, 3103 High st., Denver, Colorado,

The 5 children of Ellen Edie Walrod, 1851, Alden Orlando Mudge,

1. Herman L., bn Apr. 17, 1869, d. Oct. 24, 1921, md Addie Funk, d. Mch., 1940. Their children, Harold and Clifton,

2. Willie, born Oct. 12, 1875, died in infancy,

3. Dolly, born Dec. 1879, died Jan. 7, 1880,

4. Elsie Viola, bn Sept. 19, 1880, md Nov. 30, 1899 to Willington L. Evans. Their children, Edith Elizabeth, Elva

Marjorie, John Herman, and Robert Earl. Their home, Shubert, Nebraska,

5. Irene Ann, bn. Aug. lO, 1886, md John Philip Burke. Present address, 1102 Magnolia, Long Beach, California.

The one daughter of Horrice Herman Welrod, 1854, and Amelia J. McConnell,

1. Lela May, md Oct. 25, 1901, in Denver, to Herbert O. Sanford (1st husband) bn July 25, 1878. Divorced, Dec. 16, 1910, in Salt Lake City. Married Nov. 24, 1911, in Boulder, Colo., to Harry B. Stamm (2nd husband), bn Dec. 3, 1875, d. in Huntington Park, Calif., June 4, 1933. Md July 31, 1937, to Walter J. Edwards (3rd husband), bn Nov 19, 1893, in Turner, Ore. Home, 2821 Hope st., Huntington Park, Calif.

The 2 children of Frank Walrod, 1852 and Kate Farley

1. Martha Maud, bn Oct. 18.1881, at Jamestown, Colo., md ___ Grom, who died in 1915. Two children, Fred and June. Mrs. Grom now lives at 1755 W. 48th St., Los Angeles,

2. John Chessman bn Apr. 27, 1883, died in 1932. One daughter, Viola,

The 11 children of Riley P. Walrod, 1854, and Philena Elizabeth Bardwell,

1. Bertha Belle, on June 16, 1879, md Dec. 31, 1902 to Charles Francis Brown, on Feb. 6, 1277, d. Sept, 30, 1938. Two girls, Dorothy and Ruth. Home : Kelowna, British Columbia

2. Walter Bruce, bn Nov, 10 188O. Md. Dec 12, 1906, to Mary Anderson, on Oct. 6, 1882. 0ne daughter, Ida Winona. Home, Munson, Alberta, Canada

3. John Milton, born Dec. 5, 1882, died Feb. 19, 1888,

4. Harry Lee, bn Dec. 28, 1883, d. July 28, 1912, md June 9, 1909, at Cayuga, North Dakota to Ethel Silverthorn, bn Oct. 15, 1891, died Dec. 6, 1911. Their children, Paul and Ethel Elisabeth,

5. Charlie Ross, on Aug. 12, 1886, md Grace strong, bn Oct. 13, 1882. Their children, William Wallace, Lawrence Ralph, Donald Allen and Bernice Merle. Home, Kelowna, B. C.,

6. Lottie Leone, bn Apr. 17, 1888, md Evlan Puffer, bn Nov. 5, 1889, at Waupaunsee, Ill. Two girls, Helen Pearl and Pauline. Present address, 8624 North 30th, Omaha, Neb.

7. Elverton Jay, bn Sept. 15, 1890, married Jan: 1, 1915, to

Matilda Jensen, bn Jan. 2, 1893. Four girls, Mildred Lu­cille, Irma Hazel, Phyllis Eleanor and Beulah Belle. Home, Ke1owna, British Columbia

8. Leslie Fayette, bn Oct. 21, 1892, md Dec. 25, 1916, to Lula Hugill, bn May 15, 1892. Their children, Gray, Marg­aret, Gordon and Helen. Home, Kelowna, B. C.,

9. Ruth, on June 25, 1894, md Jesse W. Hughes, bn Apr. 30, 1887. One son, Merrill. Home, Kelowna, B. C.,

10. Helen, bn Sept. 7, 1896, md Rev. A. D. Ritchie. Their home, 25 Kier st., Pollokshields, Glasgow, Scotland,

11. Hazel, on May 3, 1898, died Dec. 23, 1898,

The 1 daughter of Ward D. Walrod, 1873, and Iona M. Knight,

1. Melba, bn Oct. 21, 1898, md Sept. 5, 1928, to John Wilfred Clark, Jr. Two daughters, Marilyn Jeanne, 12 years old and Phyllis Elaine, 9 years old. Home, DeWitt, Iowa.



The 2 children of Howard H. Walrod, 1892, and Edith Puetz,

1. Kelen, bn Feb. 12, 1917, md _fuly 16, 1935, to Raymond Helijk. Their children, Richard Raymond, bn May 2, 1936 and John Douglas, born April 19, 1940,

2. Howardine, bn Dec. 31, 1918, md Oct. 7, 1940, to Joseph Ellsworth Fobert,

The 1 daughter of Lyda Black, 1895, and G. Horace Julius ,

1. Phyllis, bn Jan. 26, 1915, md. June 1, 1940, to Wymann William Walrod (see children of John P. Walrod, 1865).

The 11 children of Anna Rachel Walrod, 1874 and Joseph Franklin Davis,

1. Albert Raymond, bn May 7, 1895, in Lawrence, Kansas, died Nov. 23, 1934, in Lincoln, Nebraska,

2. John Franklin, bn June 25, 1896, died June 14, 1915, 3. Jess William, bn Sept. 4, 1897, in Lawrence, Kansas,

4. Nellie Marie, bn Aug. 19, 1899, md Eric David Owens,

5. Anna Marlo, bn Apr. 8, 1901, md Marvin Akers,

6. George Thomas, bn Oct. 6, 1906, md Geraldine (Gerry) Newell,

7. Lula Ada, bn Dec. 3, 1908, died Jan. 27, 1909,

8. Harold Arthur, bn March 11, 1911, died Neb. 11, 1938,

9. Hazel Lorna, bn Oct. 31, 1912, md. Melvin Dale Avery,

10. Edith Mabel, on Aug. 31, 1914, md a man named Jones

(1st husband). One child, Judy Ann, bn May 7, 1931, who lives with her grandmother. Married Shelby Loren Weigel (2nd husband) and their children are Vickie Marlo, bn May 19, 1938; Shelby Loren, bn July 23, 1939; Carrie Alma and Garrett Reading (twins) bn Nov. 15, 1940 (Garrett Reading died Jan. 22, 1941) and George Edward, born Dec. 11, 1941,

11. Glenna Darlene bn Aug 7, 1916 in Lawrence, Kansas

1 daughter of Helen Floy Agnes Walrod, and William Lehman,

1. Flossie Helen, bn Jan. 24, 1906, in Kansas City, Mo., md in March 1929, to Emmett Johnson (1st husband). Their children, Helen Mae, bn Dec. .10, 1929 and Jane Elizabeth, bn Oct. 12, 1931. Md Feb. 1, 194.1 to Tommy Barrigan (2nd husband). One child, Lorraine Frances, bn Nov. 26, '41. Home, Kansas City, Missouri

The 5 children of Lee Walrod, 1891, and Elsie May Colby,

1. Alfred Leroy, bn June 15, 1913, md Agnes ____. Their children, Babe, 7 yrs. old Leroy, 6 yrs. old; Doris June, 4 yrs. old and Marine May, 2 years old,

2. Norman, bn Sept. 3, 1915, md Eugina , their children

Sonny Boy, 6 yrs old Billy, 5 yrs old, Norma Jean, 3 yrs old and Otis, born May 8, 1942,

3, Melvin, bn Apr. 29, 1918,

4. Beulah, bn Sept. 8, 1920, md in 1937 to Franklin Kees­man. Two girls, Olive May, 4 yrs. old and Mary Ann, bn Mch 19, 1941 ,

5. Opal May, bn May 22, 1924, md Mch. 1941 to Dean Hementry ,

The 9 children of Viola Walrod, 1894, and William B. HcDowell,

1. James Lee, bn July 12,1916, md Feb. 10,1937, to Lucille Stanislaus, bn Feb. 7, 1918 One child, Rosalie Ann, born Oct. 7, 1939,

2. Mildred Nadine, bn Nov 7, 1918, md Apr. 3, 1940, to Floyd Bartch. One child, Floyd Owen, born Mch. 3, 1941, The other 7 children are Harold D., bn July 18, 1921; Raymond L., bn Jan. 14, 1924; Ellen Fay, bn Nov. 1, 1926; Ivan E., bn Dec. 14, 1928; Doris Elaine, bn Aug. 8, 1932; Billie Ann, bn Apr. 2, 1934 and Robert Dale, bn May 14, 1936.

The 2 sons of Geo. G. Huebner, 1880, and Emma F. Griggs,

1. Charlie Ellsworth, bn Apr. 15, 1914, md in Mch., 1942, to Violet Whitney. At present in commissary, 62nd Field Artillery, stationed at Indio, California,

2. John George, bn Sept. 1, 1924, still in school in Denver,

The one son of Charlie Clay Huebmer, 1889, and Ada Belle Hawthorne ,

1. Dale Clay, bn Apr. 15, 1917, md May 24, 1941 to Rose Catharine Henry, bn Aug. 7, 1917. One child, Teresa Ann, bn Feb. 25, 1942. Da1e Clay is a graduate of the School of Commerce, Finance and Accounting, of Denver University and is now metallurgical cost accountant for the Climax Molybdenum Co., at Climax., Colorado,

The 2 sons of Herman L. Mudge, 1869, and Addie Funk,

1. Harold, lives in Denver,

2. Clifton, a daughter, Dorothy, and a son, Clifton, in Denver,

The 4 children of Elsie Viola Mudge, 1880, and Willington L. Evans,

1. Edith Elizabeth, bn Apr. 12, 1908, md Chas. G. Miller. One son, Chas. Evans, bn July 4, 1932. Home, Des Moines, Iowa,

2. Elva Marjorie, bn Apr. 1, 1909 md Harmon A. Marts Their children Gerald, bn May 20, 1929; Gordon bn Oct 16, 1932 and Shirley Irene, bn Aug 6, 1939. Home Nebraska City, Nebraska

3. John Herman, bn June 4, 1912, md Helen Irene Armstrong. Their children are Beverly, bn Sept 28, 1933, Richard bn Oct 15, 1937 and Rondal Lee bn Sep 19, 1940. Present address 82 South Oraton Parkway, East Orange, New Jersey.

4. Robert Earl, bn July 17, 1913, md Lillian Suzette Hanika. Two children, Terrance, bn Feb. 3, 1935 and Rita, bn May 7, 1936. Live in Charleroi, Pennsylvania.

The 2 children of Martha Maud Walrod, 1881, and ____ Grom,

1. Fred, lives in Portland, Ore., has one daughter, Mar­jorie Gail, 14 years old,

2. June, lives in Los Angeles, has one daughter, Darlene Glenn, 14 years old.

The 2 daughters of Bertha Belle Walrod, 1879, Charles Francis Brown,

1. Dorothy, bn Feb. 7, 1904, md Ralph Humphries. Their children, Darrel Ralph, bn Oct. 2, 1926; Dorothy Jean, bn Febb7, 1928 end Helen June, bn June 14, 1929. Their home Scollard, Alberta, Canada

2. Ruth, bn July 14, 1905, home, Kelowna, British Columbia

The 1 daughter of Walter Bruce Walrod, 1880, and Mary Anderson,

1. Ida Winona, bn Apr. 21, 1920, has her L.R.S.M de­gree in music, piano (London Royal School of Music), md Oct. 6, 1940 to Percy Sibbald, bn Oct. 29, 1913. One daughter, Judith Arlene, bn Mch. 27, 1942. Home, Munson, Alberta. Ethel Elizabeth, daughter of Harry Lee (see below) was also legally adopted by this family after the death of her parents in 1912

The 2 children of Harry Lee Walrod, 1883, Ethel Silverthorn,

1. Paul, bn Sept. 30, 1910, md Marie Tafin, bn Nov. 21, 1910. Home, Kelowna, B. C.,

2. Ethel Elizabeth, bn Nov. 21, 1911, md Sept. 18, 1932, to Guy C. Pultz, bn May 18, 1904. Present address, 712 16 Ave., S. E., Minneapolis, Minnesota, .

The 4 children of Charlie Ross Walrod, 1886 and Grace Strong,

1. William Wallace, bn Apr. 26, 1913, md Aug. 12, 1938, to Jeannie Keith, born in Carlyle, Saskatchewan, Oct. 15, 1917, one

daughter, Colleen Floy, bn Mch. 1, 1940. Home, Kelowna, B.C.,

2. Lawrence Ralph, bn Feb. 2, 1915, md Margaret Pearl Flintoft. One daughter, Nancy Gay, bn June 17, 1942. Home, Kelowna, B. C.,

3. Donald Allen, bn May 10, 1917, in Royal Canadian Air Force,

4. Bernice Merle, bn June 2, 1920, still at home.

The 2 children of Lottie Leone Walrod, 1888 and Evlan Puffer,

1. Helen Pearl, (an adopted daughter), bn Nov. 14, 1920, md June 2, 1940, to Robert Gordon Green, bn June 28, 1919. One son, Robert. Home, Omaha, Nebraska,

2. Pauline, bn Dec. 28, 1926, still at home, in Omaha.

The 4 daughters of Elverton Jay Walrod, 1890, and Matilda Jensen,

1. Mildred Lucille, bn Nov. 23, 1916, md Nov 6, 1938 to Cecil Thompson, bn Dec. 20, 1908, Two sons, Robert Esmond bn Jan 3, 1940 and William James bn Aug 9, 1941. Home Kelowna, B.C.

2. Irma Hazel, bn Sept, 23, 1919, attending school in Calgary, ­

3. Phyllis Eleanor, bn July 10, 1924,

4. Beulah Belle, bn Apr. 15, 1929, the two youngest girls still at home in Kelowna, B. C.

The 4 children of Leslie Fayette Walrod, 1892 and Lula Hugill

1. Gray, bn Aug. 28, 1918, md May 20, 1942, in Winnipeg, to Audrey Mary Mitchell, bn July 5, 1918, at Regina, Sask.,

2. Margaret, born Sept. 18, 1921,

3. Gordon, bn May 20, 1923, died Sept. 3, 1925,

4. Helen, bn Sept. 7, 1928. The two girls still at home, in Kelowna, British Columbia,.



The 12 children of Nicholas Walrath; 1792 and Sally Redman,

1. Catharine (Caty), bn Apr. 13, 1812, d. in Dakota Feb. 18, 1887, md Alonzo Names (1st husband), their children, Sally, Daniel, Hiram, Eliza Jane and Emmeline. Married Cyrus Phillips (2nd husband), no children,

2. John, bn Dec. 28, 1813, died in August, 1814,

3. Sarah (Sally), bn Apr. 7, 1816, md Daniel King, died Oct. 10, 1837, the day their son, George W. was born,

4. Anna, b_ Feb. 28, 1818, d. Sept. 9, 1855, md Wm. Brown, their children, Emily, Sarah, Addie and Hiram. Wm. Brown later married the widow of Robt. Allison and their child­ren were Clista, who married Cyrus Walrod (see Cyrus Walrod, below), Grant, who was run over by a truck and killed in 1941, and Laura. Wm. Brown lost his life, by drowning, in the Wapsie River,

5. Margaret, bn Dec. 3, 1819 or 1820, d. Apr. 26, 1840,

6. Hiram, bn at Syracuse, N.Y. Dec. 6,1821, d. June 6, 1892, md Oct. 17 1850 to Elizabeth Betz bn at Tiffin, Ohio, Dec. 21, 1830, died Feb. 12. 1917. Their children were Ellen, Alice, Anderson, Olive, Margaret, Lester, and Orrin. At the Centennial celebration, held in DeWitt, Iowa, in the summer of 1941, Hiram Walrod's black stove pipe hat, his open bible and his arithmetic, bought in 1837 were on display. This arithmetic was recommended by the following distinguished personages: Josiah Meigs and Noah Webster, 1790; Asa Messer, 1799; John Adams (U.S.president) 1802; Samuel Whiting, 1807, and Roger Kennedy, 1811. These valued old relics are now in the possession of Mrs. Clarence McDonald, R.R. #2, DeWitt, Iowa

7. Elizabeth (Betsy), bn in Pontiac, Michigan, Sept. 12, 1824, d. Sept. 16, 1909, md Matthew Harrington, bn in Otsego Co., N. Y. Their children were Orrin C., Richard, Margaret, Levi D., Mary A., Hannah I., Malinda, Anna, Luella, and Sarah

8. Abraham bn in Pontiac, Michigan, Oct. 3, 1826, d. at DeWitt, June 29, 1893, md Nov. 20, 1851, to Matilda Cramblett (1st wife), bn June 26, 1828, d. Jan. 13, 1867, buried in cemetery south of Grand Mound. Their children were Cyrus A., Richard A ., Ella, Della, and Redmond. Md in August, 1871, to Eunice R. Harrington (second wife), bn Dec. 15, 1839, in Otsego Co., N.Y. d. Feb. 25, 1914, at the home of her daughter, Mrs. E. E. Miller, at Grand Mound. Their children were Truman Spencer and Adra E.,

9. Nicholas, bn Marcb, 3, 1829, killed with all of his-fam­ily excepting one daughter, Sarah, in the Comanche tornado of June 3, 1860. Twice married, first wife was _____ Gregoire,

10. Richard, bn Nov. 27, 1831, died Mch. 12, 1840,

11. Emily, bn Oct. 8, 1833. died Nov. 4, 1839,

12. Jacob, bn Feb. 27, 1839, died in January, 1862.



  The 5 children of Catharine Walrod, 1812, and Alonzo Names

1. Sally, md Wm. Pearsall, their children, Riley, Volney, Ellsworth and Viola, Lived at Ellingham, Washington,

2. Daniel, md Elizabeth Phillips, their children, Alex­ander, Mary, Charles, Allan, Hiram, Winnifred and Celia. Fought in Civil War, enlisting Oct. 2, 1862, Co. A, 6th Cavalry. Also fought in the Indian wars in the Dakotas.

3. Hiram, never married, entered army Aug. 14, 1862, Co. F, 26th Iowa Infantry, never came back,

4. Elize Jane, md Martin Phillips, died in Dakota. Their children were Arrena, Ida, Mary, Catharine and Viola,

5. Emmeline md Herbert Mack, lived at Somers, Iowa. Their children, Minnie Estella, Sadie Catharine, and John Eugene

The one son of Sarah Walrod, 1816, and Daniel King,

1. George W., bn Oct. 10, 1837 (his mother died when he was born and he was raised by his Aunt Betsy Harrington). Fought in Civil War, entered Aug 14, 1862, a sergeant, in Co. F, 26th Iowa Infantry. Disabled and discharged Sept. 4, 1863. Md Olive Baldwin (1st wife), their children Alice, Luna, Emma, Flora and Leslie. Married Rose Valley (2nd wife). Geo. W. King for many years operated a flour mill, water-powered by a dam across the Maple River, adjoining Ida Grove, Iowa.

The 4 children of Anna Walrod, 1818, and Wm. Brown,

1. Emily, married Richard Baldwin,

2. Sarah, bn in 1843, died in 1905, married her second cousin James R. Walrod, bn Oct. 12, 1835, died in 1916,

3. Addie, never married,

4. Hiram, married Jennie Smith.

The 7 children of Hiram Walrod, 1821, and Elizabeth Betz,

1. Ellen, bn Sept. 14, 1851, d. June 17, 1911, md on Nov. 10, 1869, to Warren W. Ten Eyck,

2. Alice, bn Mch. 19, 1853, died Jan. 29, 1830, married on Aug. 28, 1905, to William Ten Eyck,

3. Anderson bn Nov. 6, 1854, d. Feb. 6,1904, married Feb. 2, 1877, to Elizabeth Catherine Perry. Their children, a son not named, Melinda, Martha, Hiram Randolph and Vera,

4. Olive, bn Mch. 18, 1856, d. in Oregon Mch. 21, 1826, md Nov. 16, 1875, to John McCard. Their children were Gert­rude, Clair, Elizabeth Mae and Milo,

5. Margaret, bn Dec. 13, 1858, d. July 5, 1933, md on Apr. 4, 1875, to Geo. McDonald. One son, Clarence,

6. Lester, bn Feb. 1, 1865, d. Aug. 29, 1940, md Mch. 24, 1886, to Luella, Harrington. Their children were Leola, Alice, Elsie, Lenore and Harold Lester,

7. Orrin, bn Dec. 28, 1868, d. Dec. 18, 1934, md Nov. 25, 1890, to Ruth Williams, who died Jan. 25, 1922. Their children, Alvin, Edna and Leslie,

The 10 children of Elizabeth Walrod, 1824, and Matthew Harrington ,

1. Orris C., born Apr. 5, 1846, died March 19, 1855,

2. Richard, bn Nov. 23, 1848, d. Apr. 22, 1915, md Lucy Duke. Their children were Malinda, who married Willis Sheets, and Lowell,

3. Margaret, bn Aug. 10, 1850, d. Mch. 3, 1921, md Edwin Miller Their children were John Orris, Allan, Orville and Elbert E.,

4. Levi D., on Nov. 7, 1853, d. June 27, 1940, married Almira Allison. Their children were Alta, who married a Griebel; Lula, who married John Kallenbach; Matthew, who married Jennie Babcock; Ethel, who married Mark Kallen­bach; Lee, who died in 1907, unmarried; Hazel, who married Howard Steward and Mildred Almira, who married Gilbert Rathje,

5. Mary A., bn July 2, 1855, d. Aug. 1, 1930, married Jacob Born. One daughter, Louie,

6. Hannah E., bn Feb. 28, 1860, d. July 16, 1938, md Jas. D. Harrington. Two sons, Howard Parsons and Orris Raymond,

7. Malinda, bn Aug. 7, 1861, married Will Jamieson. Mrs. Jamieson is still living, in De Witt, Iowa,

8. Anna, bn Apr. 12, 1863, md John A. Smith. Their child­ren, a son; Ray, who married Lydia Lothringer; Richard, who married Amanda Hill; Lawrence; Mae, who married Ernest Fell; Lester, who married Lillian Wulf; Margaret, who mar­ried Lyle Fell, and Levi. Mrs. Smith, also, is still liv­ing in or near DeWitt,

9. Luella, bn Mch. 24, 1866, d. Jan. 14, 1936, md Mch. 24, 1886, to her cousin, Lester Walrod. Their children listed under Lester Walrod. She had the trunk her mother brought with her when they came to Iowa. It was homemade, out of a tree trunk and is still in the possession of the family. It was lined with a Syracuse, N. Y. newspaper, dated 1841,

10. Sarah, bn June 14, 1857, died March 12, 186O.

The 5 children of Abraham Walrod, 1826, and Matilda Cramb1et, his first wife,

1. Cyrus A., bn Sept. 13, 1852, South of Grand Mound, Iowa, d. Sept. 20, 1934, at Ida Grove, Iowa, md Clista Brown. Their children were Earl A ., Elroy and Redmond,

2. Richard A., bn Nov. 29, 1853, south of Grand Mound, d. Nov. 20, 1939, at Ida Grove. Md Lucinda Simmons, bn Jan. 23, 1861, d. May 9, 1942, at Storm Lake, Iowa, and buried, May 13, in the Ida Grove cemetery. Their children were Laura, May and Eli,

3. Ella, bn Aug. 12, 1855, south of Grand Mound, died June 10, 1838, in Omaha, Neb. Never married,

4. Della, bn Sept. 11, 1859, south of Grand Mound, died June 6,1940, in Omaha. Md Chas. B. Brown, of De Witt. Their children were Carroll and Marian Frances,

5. Redmond, bn Oct. 19, 1866, South of Grand Mound, died Sept. 9, 1936, in Los Angeles. Md Emma Grage, bn Mch. 21, 1864, in Domlous, Germany, now living at 6701 Cedar St., Huntington Park, Calif. Their children were Harry Alvin, Fern Eva, Merritt Dewey, Fred Elmo and Mary Matilda.

The 2 children of Abraham Walrod, 1826, And Eunice R. Harrington, his second wife,

1. Truman Spencer, registered pharmacist, bn Nov. 25, 1872 at De Witt, md October, 1902 , at De Witt, to Flora Maude Trowbridge, teacher and writer (see the 11 children of Leah Ann Lepper and Edward E. Corbett, under descendants of Johannes Walrath, 1783, 7th generation) born June 20, 1884, at Calamus, Iowa. Their children, Lucile. Agnes, Lorraine Alice, Truman Harrington and Harriett Ann. Present address, 2316 Woodland Ave., Des Moines, Iowa,

2. Adra E., bn Oct. 12, 1877, in De Witt. Md Elbert E. Miller. Their children, Howard, Gerald, Gertrude, Gladys, Kathleen, Elbert and Lois Adra. Their home is at Grand Mound, Iowa. Mrs. Miller is a recognized authority on Wal­rod family history.

The 1 daughter of Nicholas Walrod, 1829, and ______ Gregoire,

1. Sarah, the only survivor of her father's family who were all killed in the terrible Comanche tornado of June 3, 1860. Although Sarah lost a leg in this tornado she later married Charlie Stevens and they raised a family of four children, two of whom met violent deaths. Her life was full of tragedy.


The 5 children of Geo. W. King, 1837, and Olive Baldwin,

1. Alice, md Geo. Coolidge, no children, home, Salem, Ore.

2. Luna, md Fred Lainson, died in October, 1941, at Salem, Oregon, three children,

3.. Emma, md Schuyler Spurrier, died in Salem, Oregon, in August, 1941. One son, Adith. Home was in Pasadena,

4. Flora (deaf mute) md a deaf mute and, later, a man named Holly. They have one son and live in California,

5. Leslie, md Blanche Shearer, of Ida Grove, Iowa. Their children, George and Helen. Leslie died in 1941.

The 5 children of Anderson Walrod, 1854, Elizabeth Catharine Perry,

1. A son, bn Nov. 27, 1877, died in infancy, not named,

2. Melinda, bn Sept. 9, 1879, md Aug. 14, 1895 to Frank H. Carber. Their children were George A., Bernice, Blanche, Margaret, Russell and Frank C.,

3. Martha, bn Aug. 26, 1881, d. June 5, 1923, md Feb. 28, 1900, to Morgan Orndorff, their children, Florence, a son not named, a daughter not named, Oneta and Mildred,

4. Hiram Randolph, bn Dec. 4, 1883, md Dec. 15, 1915, to Vena Wallace, their children, Hiram Lester, Velma Cathar­ine and Lyle,

5. Vera, born Feb. 22, 1897, married Feb. 9, 1916, to Clifford McDona1d, born Aug. 11, 1889, died Dec. 16, 1941. Their children were Melba Vera and Gertrude Leah,

The 4 children of Olive Walrod, 1856, and John McCard,

1. Gertrude, died in infancy,

2. Clair, bn June 25, 1877, md Jan. 3, 1900 to Minnie McCaughy (1st wife). Their children, a son, Clarice, Bernice, and Lester. Married Neta Ludwig (2nd wife) February 21, 1929,

3. E1izabeth Mae, bn Feb. 11, 1879, d. Sept. 3, 1936. Md Feb. 23, 1898, to Hans Peter Boysen,

4. Milo, bn Dec. 11, 1880, d. Dec. 20, 1941, md Dec. 7, 1911, to Edna Walrod. Children listed under Edna Walrod,

The 1 son of Margaret Walrod, 1858, and Geo. McDonald,

1. Clarence, bn Nov. 23, 1880, md Carrie Gilbert (young­est sister of Chloe Pooler's first wife, Chloe Pooler listed under descendants of Johnnes, 1783). Their child­ren were Donald, Robert, Alice and William.

The 5 children of Lester Walrod, 1865, and Luella Harrington,

1. Leola, bn Apr. 7, 1887, never married,

2. Alice, bn May 21, 1891, md Dec. 23, 1939, to Albert Larsen,

3. Elsie, bn July 2l, 1895, d. July 13, 1938, married June 20, 1914, to Albert Larsen. Their children were Lester, Melvin, Evelyn, Donald, Lee, Herbert Lyle and Mary Lou,

4. Lenore, bn Mch. 31, 1899, md Frank Jessen. Their child­ren, Vernon Frank and Velma LaVerle,

5. Harold Lester, bn Mch. 23, 1904, married Mch. 10, 1926, to Ethyl Wyncoop.

The 3 children of Orrin Walrod, 1868, and Ruth Williams,

1. Alvin, bn Sept. 12, 1891, md Nov. 5, 1913, to Ceila Hunter. Their children were Loris and LaVeta,

2. Edna; bn Sept. 25, 1894, rod Dec. 7, 1911, to Milo McCard. Their children were Dorothy Edna, Mae Ruth, Ron­ald Milo, Goldie Elizabeth, Raymond and Olive Marie,

3. Leslie, bn Mch. 27, 1897, md Sept. 22, 1920, to Marie Moser. Their children, Sarah Marie, Loren, Ruth and Agnes.

The 1 daughter of Mary A. Harrington, 1855, and Jacob Born,

1. Louie, married Guy Peters. Their children were Ina and Erma, who married Boyer brothers,

The 2 sons of Hannah E. Harrington, 1860 and Jas. D. Harrington,

1. Howard Parsons, of Chicago, a civil engineer and bridge designer. Had one son, Howard, Jr.,

2. Orris Raymond, of Wapello, Iowa, traveled for Redpath Bureau. Had one son, James,

The 3 children of Cyrus A. Walrod, 1852, and Clista Brown,

1. Earl A., bn Jan. 21, 1881, at Grand Mound, md Mary A. Fuller (1st wife), bn in 1883,. their daughter, Ruth Esther. Md Tressie Forthy Sheaver (2nd wife), bn July 4, 1888. Their children were Della Mabel, Virgil Earl, Oscar Cyrus, Roger Burdette, Alfred Henry, Ruby Ellen and Roberta,

2. Elroy, bn Dec. 31, 1883, at Ida Grove, md Josephine Denison, bn Feb. 9, 1894, at Battle Creek, Iowa. Their children were Dorothy Jane, bn Dec. 16, 1914, at Ida Grove and Charles Louis, bn July 15, 1925, at Ida Grove,

3. Redman, bn Aug. 23, 1885, at Ida Grove, md Ida Ulrike Stark, bn Nov. 19, 1891, in Dixon Co., Neb.

The 3 children of Richard A. Walrod, 1853, And Lucinda Simmons,

1. Laura, bn June 22, 1878, md Geo. Duke, home, Storm Lake, Iowa. Their children Leone and Leslie,

2. Mae, bn Nov. 18, 1880, md Clarence N. Barber, born Jan. 28, 1871. Their daughter, Ethel Mae,

3. Eli, bn March 13, 1883, md Alma Holcomb, of Ida Grove. Their children were Carol, Ray, Ronald and Richard.

The 2 children of Della Walrod, 1859, and Chas. B. Brown,

1. Carroll, bn Aug. 25, 1884, died Oct. 11, 1893,

2. Marian Francis, bn Nov. 13, 1897, md Nov. 26, 1919, to Daniel R. Gruenig, on Dec. 22, 1895, Their children, Jean Marian, bn Sept. 27, 1923 and Chas. Brown, born April 5, 1929,

The 5 children of Redmond Walrod, 1866, and Emma Grage,

1. Harry Alvin, bn Apr. 29, 1888, in Grand Mound, md Ann Dickinson, a widow with three sons,

2. Fern Eva., born June 30, 1894, in De Witt,

3. Merritt Dewey, bn Jan. 5, 1899, in Bushnell, Ill., mar­ried Mildred Anna Foote. Their children, Marilyn Janice, bn Nov. 27, 1923; Richard, bn Jan. 2, 1927, and Donald, born Aug. 9, 1928, all in Los Angeles

4. Fred Elmo, bn Aug. 18, 1900, in De Witt, married Geneva Farrell. Their son, Robert Redmond, born Jan. 21, 1926, in Los Angeles,

5. Mary Matilda, bn Oct. 29, 1905, in Davenport, Iowa

Married John Nicholas Bergen. Their son, John Martin, born June 18, 1931, in Los Angeles

The 4 children of Truman Spencer Walrod, 1872, and Flora Maude Trowbridge,

1. Lucile Agnes, bn Aug. 15, 1904, at Davenport, Iowa (has an M. A. degree from Drake University, Des Moines) md Dec. 30, 1939, at Pemberton, Washington, to Jules Ber­nard Dahlager, an artist of Ketchikan, Alaska,

2. Loraine Alice, on Mch. 13, 1906, at Esmond, So. Dakota, a graduate of Forms at St. Katharine's School at Daven­port, attended Ellsworth College, a teacher, md July 21, 1931, to Benj. Harrison Bennett, now living in Clinton. Their children are Mary Lucile, Ruth Loraine, Nancy Alice, Benjamin Harrison, Jr., John Paul, Charles Bertram, and Carol Maude,

3. Truman Harrington, bn July 6, 1924, in Des Moines, a graduate of Roosevelt High School in Des Moines, and now attending Drake University,

4. Harriett Ann, born May 19, 1929, in Clinton, Iowa.

The 7 children of Adra E. Walrod, 1877, and Elbert E.Miller,

Howard, Gertrude and Kathleen still at home; Gladys has Civil Service work in the Finance Department at the Rock Island Arsenal; Lois Adra, a graduate of the Iowa State Teacher's College, is teaching at Keswick, Iowa; Elbert died in 1918; Gerald married Thelma Waugh, of Delmar, Iowa, and their children are Beverly, Marilyn, Jeanette, Virginia, Guila and Richard.


The 6 children of Melinda Walrod, 1879, and Frank H.Carber,

1. George A., md Lillian Wyncoop, their children, Lois, Lowell, Ruth, Mildred, Robert, Joyce and Alice Jean,

2. Bernice, married John Little,

3. Blanche, married Francis Dean, their children, Gail Ann, John and Margaret Frances,

4. Margaret, married Glenn Crook,

5. Russell, married Lela LaBarge, one daughter, Margaret Frances,

6. Frank C. married Mary LaBarge, their children, Mary Melinda, Ronald Frank and Jacquiline Bernice,

The 5 children of Martha Walrod, 1881, and Morgan Orndorff,

1. Florence, now living with her aunt, Mrs. Vera McDonald, in DeWitt,

2. A son, born in 1905, died in infancy,

3. A daughter, born in 1908, died in infancy,

4. Oneta, md Ed Berentsen, their daughter, Shirley Jean,

5. Mildred, married Harry Griebel.

The two daughters of Vera Walrod, 1897, and Clifford McDonald,

1. Melba Vera, bn Jan. 29, 1918, employed by Iowa Mutual Insurance Co., in De Witt,

2. Gertrude Leah, bn Oct. 23, 1919, in the Civil Service, Washington, D. C.

The 4 children of Clair McCard, 1877, and Minnie McCaughey

1. A son, died in 1901,

2. Clarice, married Lloyd LeBruyn, their children, Loris, Donald, Orthus and Richard,

3. Bernice, married Allan Farver, one son, Melvin,

4. Lester, md Florence Cramer, their children, Milton, and Marine,

The 4 children of Clarence McDonald, 1880, and Carrie Gilbert,

1. Donald, md Mae Schwartz, their children, Elizabeth and Donald,

2. Robert, married June Litscher,

3. Alice, married George Kiess,

4. William, no further particulars.

The 7 children of Elsie Walrod, 1895, and Albert Larsen,

1. Lester, md June Anderson, their daughter, Alice Mae,

2. Melvin md Mary McMahon (1st wife), their children, Harold Francis and Melvin Lyle. Md Bernadine McMahon (2 nd wife), one daughter, Margaret Mary,

3. Evelyn, md Carl Cram, one son, Roger Russell. Donald, Lee, Herbert Lyle and Mary Lou are the other four children of this family, with no further particulars.

The 1 daughter of Earl A. Walrod, 1881, and Mary A. Fulle

1. Ruth Esther, bn Mch. 2, 1904, at Des Moines, md Apr. 18, 1920, to Henry Wesley Myer, bn Apr. 19, 1892. Their children, William Wesley, bn June 8, 1921, md May 10, 1941 to Marjorie Burns; Charles Clifton, bn Dec. 2, 1922; Henry Milton, bn Apr. 19, 1924; Rosamond Virginia, born June 21, 1925 and Esther Louise, born Dec. 22, 1931,

The 7 children of Earl A. Walrod and Tressie Forthy Sheaver,

1. Della Mabel, bn Mch. 16, 1907, md Anson Edward Juelfs, bn Mch. 13, 1902, their children, Darlene May, bn Jan. 3, 1926; Dale Burdette, bn May 25, 1927; Duane Anson, bn May 24, 1929; Delbert Dean, bn July 6, 1930; Don Edward, bn Nov. 9, 1931; Dickie Dee, bn June 24, 1939 and Dixie Dell, born Dec. 13, 1941,

2. Virgil Earl, bn Aug. 10, 1910, md Marjorie Maxine Deeds bn June 30, 1915, Their children, Warren Louis, bn Jan.31, 1932 and Marlene Joyce, born June 23, 1938,

3. Oscar Cyrus, born Nov. 19, 1918, in the Air Gorp,

4. Roger Burdette, bn June 26, 1920, md Verla Mae Deeds, bn Dec. 15, 1922, one son, Ronald Roger, bn Apr. 27,1940,

5. Alfred Henry, bn Nov. 23, 1922. Roger and Alfred in defense work in California,

6. Ruby Ellen, born April 12, 1930,

7. Roberta, born in June, 1933.

The 2 children of Elroy Walrod, 1883, and Josephine Denison,

1. Dorothy Jane, born Dec. 16, 1914,

2. Charles Louis, born July 15, 1925

The 2 children of Laura Walrod, 1878, and Geo. Duke,

1. Leone, bn Nov. 30, 1899, never married,

2. Leslie, bn Jan. 30, 1902, died in 1918, of pneumonia.

The 1 daughter of Mae Walrod, 1880, and Clarence N. Barber,

1. Ethel Mae, bn Jan 9, 1913, married Hubert Krahl. Their daughter, Barbara Corine, born Aug. 16, 1941.

The 4 sons of Eli Walrod, 1883, and Alma Holcomb,

1. Carl, bn Apr. 23, 1910, md Ruth Reed, 2 daughters, Ferol, bn Dec. 12, 1932 and Kay, born March 28, 1934

2. Ray, born Aug. 16, 1912,

3. Ronald, born Jan. 8, 1915,

4. Richard, born Dec. 19, 1924.


We have been unable to trace relationship to any of the following Walrods. Correspondence is invited and any help in identifying them would be highly appreciated;

Fred O. Walrod , a veterinary surgeon, now living at Carnarvon, Iowa,

Geo. Walrod, a veterinary surgeon of storm Lake, Iowa,

Will Walrod,

Al and Ernest Walrod, farmers, who lived near Sac City, Ia. ,

Jonas Walrod ,

C. O. Walrod, a veterinary surgeon, now living at North­side, Saskatchewan. The above are all related.

C. 0., now 53 years of age, is son of Fred O. Fred 0., George and Will were brothers. Al and Ernest were brothers, and cousins of Fred 0., George and Will. Jonas was father of Fred 0., George and Will.

The Silas Eugene Walrod family, now living at Fullerton, Nebraska, are also related to the above, but more distant­ly. Then there are two ladies, a Mrs. Minett and a Mrs. Whitke, now living in Clear Lake, Iowa, whose father was J. G. Walrod, formerly of Minneapolis or Milwaukee.


To those of our big family, living today, in Iowa and in other states, who think we are of Dutch origin, rather than German, I would like to explain that I certainly have not tried to establish German ancestry, especially at the present time. I have merely tried to show the facts as they are, gleaned from the most reliable sources, and present available information certainly indicates that our forefathers came to America from Germany, through Holland. I am open to correction and proof to the contrary would be much appreciated.

July 4th, 1942. W. Bruce Walrod, Munson, Alberta, Canada.

See “Adolph #4(2CB) Frederick Owen Walrod 1866-1941 was the son of Jonas (Jerry L. Walrath

See my file “Adolph #4(2C)”, Jonas 1826-1894 was a son of Peter Walradt; changed his name to WALROD

See Adolph #4(2A)

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