Three Rivers
History From America's Most Famous Valleys

Names of Persons
for whom
Were issued by the Secretary of the Province of New York
Previous to 1784.
By E. B. O'Callaghan
Printed by order of Gideon J. Ticker, Secretary of State.
Albany: Weed, Parsons and Company, 1860.


Page 199.

1781. Oct. 18. I'Ans, Francis, and Mary Thorne
1738. April 4. Ilslee, Benjamin, and Jane Hollanbeck
1762. April__. Imlay, John, and Catharine Henderson
1760. Nov. 1. Insilsby, Frances, and James Kip
1773. May 31. Inalis, Charles, and Margaret Crooke
1762. May 10. Ingoldsby, Ann, and William Needham
1766. Aug. 21. Ingoldsby, Catharine, and Francis Moon
1703. Oct. 3. Ingoldsby, Grace, and Emanuel Roberts
1757. July 6. Ingoldsby, Mary, and John Banks
1761. June 26. Ingraham, John, and Mary L'Hommedieu
1783. Sept. 18. Ingrain, Ann, and William Peneyead
1756. July 10. Innes, Mary, and Peter Hutton
1777. July 15. Inness, Henry, and Sarah Dow
1771. April 8. Inness, John, and Susannah Ayres
1769. Mar. 9. Innis, Catherine, and Nicholas Jones
1763. Oct. 27. Inslar, Lodwick, and Ann Van Deursen
1782. July 1. Iredell, Abraliam, and Hester Marsh
1771. Mar. 30. Ireland, Elizabeth, and John Morgan
1775. Sept. 12. Ireland, Jacob, and Elizabeth Kelsey
1771. Nor. 13. Ireland, James, and Mary Armstrong
1670. Aug. 24. Ireland, Joane, and Richard Lattin
175?. Feb. 21. Ireland, Loose, and Elizabeth Jervas

Page 200.

1768. May 2. Ireland, Thomas, and Jerusha Kirk
1781. Jan. 6. Ireland, Thomas, and Patience Oakley
1769. Nov. 23. Ireland. Thomas, and Phebe Valentine
1758. Jan. 10. Irons, William, and Susannah Nicoll
1767. Jan. 26. Irons, Susannah, and William Sheriff
1765. July 5. Irvin, Christiana, and James Marshall
1768. Dec. 20. Irvin, Elizabeth, and John Graham
1781. May 8. Irvin, Francis, and Joshua Hamilton
1763. Nov. 29. Irwin, Phebe, and George Graham
1766. June 30. Invin, Samuel, and Gerty Alsdorph
1757. Nov. 9. Isbuster, Thomas, and Hannah Van Arnem
1759. Oct. 1. Isemonger, Thomas, and Prudence Endover
1761. Mar. 3. Isleton, Mary, and Patrick Welch;
1763. Dec. 17. Isrnan, Jacob, and Mercy Thorne
1775. Sept. 16. Ivers, Mary, and Moses Smith
1759. Nov. 10. Ives, Susannah, and John Barney
1767. April 27. Izard, Ralph, aud Alice Delancey

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