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NOTICE: Articles are presented as written. Historical accuracy cannot be guaranteed.

Exciting News!  The Records of the Dutch Reformed Saint John's Church in the town of St. Johnsville, Montgomery County, N.Y.  Transcribed by the New York Genealogical and Biographical Society. Volume One.  Edited by Royden Woodward Vosburgh.  New York City June, 1914 are now available. Volume ONE-- Part One, Part Two.  These records are considered to be much more accurate than the 1930s transcription.  Volume TWO. Part One, Part Two, Part Three.


Absalum THUMB, Pioneer and Builder 1817-1889
Adventures of A Lady, donated by Gerald Horton.
Biographical Sketches: Arendt Van Curler, Sir Wm. Johnson, Sir John Johnson, General Nicholas Herkimer, Joseph Brant, Walter Butler.
Brown, Colonel John, printed in 1908 by Archibald M. Howe.
His Excellency, George Clinton. Spaulding. 1938
Johnson, Sir William, Life and Times Volume I by William L. Stone 1865.
Johnson, Sir William, Life and Times Volume II by William L. Stone 1865.
JOHNSON, Sir William
KLOCK, Col. Jacob

MONTGOMERY, General Richard
Schuyler, Philip, and the Growth of New York, 1733-1804
MACWETHY, Lou D. Publisher of the Enterprise and News for many years
VAN ALSTINE, Mrs. Martin J. (Nancy)


Agriculture and the Revolutionary War in the Mohawk Valley.
American Prisoners of the Revolution by Danske Dandridge 1910
Annals of TRYON County, Campbell, 1831
Battle of Klock's Field by Lou D. MacWethy. A MUST READ.
Beers, The History of Montgomery and Fulton Counties, F. W. Beers & Co. 1878.
Bicentennial Celebration for St. Johnsville 1976.
Book Of Names by Lou D. MacWethy, relating to the Early Palatines & First Settlers in the Mohawk Valley, 1933.
Border Wars of the American Revolution by William L. Stone, Vol 1, 1843.
Border Wars and The Life of Joseph Brant-Thayendanegea, by William L. Stone, Vol 2, 1851.
Brant and Red Jacket, by Elizabeth Seeley, 1879.
Brief Sketch of the First Settlement of the County of Schoharie by John M. Brown. Printed for the Author by L. Cuthbert 1823.
(The) British Army in the American Revolution by Edward E. Curtis.
Bundling in the New World, by A. Monroe Aurand, Jr
Campaign of Lieut. Gen. John Burgoyne and The Expedition of Lieut. Col. Barry St. Leger. by William L. Stone.  Albany, NY, Joel Munsell. 1877.
Cattaraugus County Biographical Sketches, Historical Gazetteer and Biographical Memorial of Cattaraugus Co. NY, ed by William Adams, pub 1893 History of the Town of Allegany – Chapter XVIII (18) Donated by Laura Greene. NOTE: Link is to a file in MS Word. If you prefer, HTML version of the file.
Centennial Celebrations of New York State. 1879. Prepared by New York State.
Documents, Colonial History of the State of New York 1855 (selections)
The Early Eighteenth Century Palatine Emigration, by Walter Allen Knittle. This is an EXCELLENT resource book with many names. Contains lists of passengers from Holland to England and the Simmendinger List.
Education of Daughters; Fenelon's Treatise Translanted from the French, 1806.
Forts & Firesides of the Mohawk Country, John J. Vrooman, excerpts
Frontiersmen of New York by Jeptha R. Simms, 1883.
The Hartley Collections of Indian Artifacts and Military Uniform Buttons
Heitman's Historical Record

History of HERKIMER County and the Upper Mohawk Valley, Benton (1856)
History of Montgomery Classis - R.C.A. by W.N.P. Dailey, 1916.
History of Montgomery County,
by Washington Frothingham 1892
The Hudson by Benson J. Lossing, 1866.
Indian in His Wigwam, Henry R. Schoolcraft,
1848; Selections.
Military Journal of the American Revolution, Dr. James Thatcher, 1827.
Minutes of the Commissioners for detecting and defeating Conspiracies in the State of New York. 1909, Part one, Part Two, Part Three, Miscellaneous pages about Col. Klock. PDF format.
The Mohawk Dutch and the Palatines by Milo Nellis. 1951.
The Dutch Putmans: Ancestors and Descendants of Johannes Putman of Holland by Warren T. Putman, 1996. Used with permission and donated by Laura Greene.
Muster Rolls of New York Provicial Troops 1755-1764, pub. 1897. (Nearby counties).
Names of Persons Issued Marriage Licenses, New York, previous to 1784. Printed in 1860 by NY State.
New York in the Revolution as Colony and State (Excerpts). 1898 by Roberts & Mather
New York State Archives--New York in The Revolution by Fernow 1887.
Old Fort Herkimer Church
by W.N.P. Dailey, DD.
Old Palatine Church, The Early Nellis Family Details about the Cochran family. By Milo Nellis. Corrections to the original booklet by Mr. Nellis, pub. by Enterprise & News 1927.
Orderly Book of Sir John Johnson, by DePeyster and Stone, 1882.
ORDERLY BOOKS of The Fourth New York Regiment 1778-1780 The Second New York Regiment, 1780-1783.
Pioneers of France in The New World by Francis Parkman, Boston, Little & Brown 1885
Records of the Revolutionary War by W.T.R.Saffell, 1858 PDF Format
Schoharie County and Border Wars of New York, by Jeptha Simms, 1845. This will lead you to the Schoharie GenWeb site.
Schoharie & Mohawk Valley Raids in 1780
St. John's Reformed Church History of the church and early Palatine settlement (1970 version)
Stories of the Revolution by Josiah Priest, 1836.
Stowits and Gibson Families of the Mohawk Valley (PDF format) by Roderick J. Cant, 1931.
The American Spy, Nathan Hale, by Simms, 1857.
The Art of Bundling by Dana Doten, 1938.
The Life and Adventures of NAT FOSTER Byron-Curtiss, (1897) [Please consider this book as pure fiction, the man was a deserter. Too many re-write history to please themselves.]
The Mohawk Valley, Its Legends and Its History, Reid (1901) Selected photos included
The Mohawk Valley and the American Revolution, 1972, State of New York.
The Pictorial Field-Book of The Revolution by Benson J. Lossing, Volume l, 1858
The Story of Old Fort Plain and the Middle Mohawk Valley by Nelson Greene 1915, excerpts
Town of St. Johnsville (Sesquicentennial History 1838-1988)
Trinity Lutheran Church, Stone Arabia.  Two Centuries of Worship, Living and Labor. 1931
Trappers of New York by Jeptha R. Simms
Voyages from Holland to America in the 17th Century. Pub 1655
Women of the Revolution by Elizabeth F. Ellet, 1849.
YOUNG (Jung) Families of the Mohawk Valley
YOUNG (Jung) Corrections.

The above books were typed in mostly by the old fashioned way. For many rare, downloadable books (free), go to this link. This is a gold mine for researchers.


Children's Corner: Page 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17 (Coloring Book)


Grace Christian Church of St. Johnsville
St. Ann's Episcopal Church, Amsterdam (QueenAnne's Chapel, Saint Ann's Church, Fort Hunter, Port Jackson, Amsterdam
St. John's Reformed Church of St. Johnsville
St. Johnsville United Methodist Church
St. Paul's Lutheran Church of St. Johnsville
Ukrainian Catholic Church of St. Johnsville


Klock Crest
Heraldry of the Fonda, Helmer, Failing families
Nellis Crest
Van Curler Crest
Sir William Johnson's Coat of Arms
Windecker Coat of Arms


Ehle Indian Deed 1732
Klock, Johannes (Deed), 1742. Fort Klock location.
Indian Deed, Translation of the deed.
Indian Deed, Mission Church at East Creek


Klock Farm Diary, Page 1, Page 2. Large graphic, be patient.
Willard Kilts' Diary Contains lots of names from the area and antique postcards too


1790 Census, Town of Palatine
1800 Census, Town of Palatine
1800 Census, Town of Palatine, Graphic, shows additional people in household. Pg 1, Pg 2, Pg 3 See Page 1 for
Allen, Fleming, Windecker, Donated by Jim Halley & Bob Yagley. Fleming Settlement marker.
Baptisms 1638-1738 Reformed Dutch Church of New Amsterdam. Link leads to another site.
BRUNK (BRONK, BRONG), Mathias (Matthew, Matheus).
BEACRAFT, Benjamin by Doug Massey.
BROWN, Nathan
BUMPUS, Frederick
BURKE Genealogy
CD of Kilts, Schaffer, Whitthoft, Waldenmeyer Families, Loyalist Schaeffer Families (Great Bargain!!!)
CUYLER Genealogy, Contributed by Michele Ward
COCHRAN Details about the Cochran family
DYSSLIN Genealogy
EHLE book containing genealogy and pension papers.
The ELLWOODS of Fort Klock, Vindication!
EHLE Family from Jim Ehle. If you can add to this information, <>. Page 1, Page 2.
FEETER, William. History and Genealogy (Vetter). This contains the story of the Mohawk Valley Pony Express.
FINCK, Andreaus.
FINCK, Andrew, Major in the Revolutionary War.
FINCK, Andrew, a short history
GEISSIG, Wilhelm, birth and family record from Dachsenhausen, Hessen-Nassau, Prussia. Graphic, loads slowly.
GETMAN and DOCKSTADER records by Pat Hacker.
GLEASMAN Genealogy
GRAY and MERCKEL information for DAR. Graphic, loads slowly.
HARTMAN, Solomon, genealogy
The HESS Family
HEWITT Cemetery
HOUSE, CP enigma
The Descendants of Johann Conrad KILTS by Herman W. Witthoft, Sr. 1999 (excerpts)
KLOCK Genealogy (Williams' research), First Generation, Second Generation, Third Generation, Fourth Generation, Fifth Generation
Lineage Societies
LOUCKS, PETRIE Information for DAR
LEUCHER, LYKER genealogy, by Herman W. Whitthoft, Sr., 2001.
McFEE Family comes to America.
MERKLEY, Christopher
MOHAWK Families
Names, translation of German Surnames
Naming Pattern of the Palatine Germans
Nancy's Corner Nancy Cioch has contributed many articles and now she has her own spot!
NEAR, Conrad
NEAR, John
NELLIS Family Origins
NELLIS, early settlers
Nicknames in use among the early families.
PEOBLE family
PICKARD 1800 Land Indenture
PLANCK, Tom-genealogy
PUTMANS-12 Generations by Warren Putman (large download, 2.82 MB)
RADCLIFF, Johannes line continued.
SAMMONS, Sampson
SCHAFFER, Maria Elizabeth Descendants, by Herman W. Witthoft, Sr. 1999 (excerpts).
SCHAFFER, Key to the Loyalists, by Herman W. Witthoft, Sr., 2000.
SCHAFFER, Loyalist "A", by Herman W. Witthoft, Sr., 2000.
SCHAFFER, Loyalist "B", by Herman W. Witthoft, Sr., 2000.
SCHAFFER, Loyalist "C", by Herman W. Witthoft, Sr., 2000.
SCHAFFER, Loyalist "D", by Herman W. Witthoft, Sr., 2000.
SCHAFFER, Loyalist "E", by Herman W. Witthoft, Sr., 2000.
SHAVER, Loyalist "F", by Herman W. Witthoft, Sr., 2000.
SHAVER, Loyalist "G", by Herman W. Witthoft, Sr., 2000.
Snells Bush Cemetery (9/8/01)
ST. JOHN'S REFORMED CHURCH History. Church and area history starting from the Palatine Story, PLUS original church records in German which start in 1788!!! 1)Treasurer's Records, 2)Archive Book One, 3)Archive Book Two, 4)Historical Documents
THOMPSONS from Fairfield, NY
Van Curler Genealogy, Van Curler Trading Post, Arendt Van Curler, Additions/Corrections to Van Curler
WAGNER, Georg David, birth and family record from Dachsenhausen, Hassen-Nassau, Prussia. Graphic, loads slowly.
WAGNER, Hans, birth and family record from Hinterwald, Hassen-Nassau, Prussia. Graphic, loads slowly.
WAGNER Genealogy, graphic, loads slowly.
WAGNER Family by Nan Dixon
WAGNER, Johan Peter and his descendants
WALDENMAIER, Matthaeus (Waldenmeyer) excerpts, by Herman W. Witthoft, Sr. 1999
WILLIAMS, Helen Laura Clock
WALRATH Family Documents
WALRATH, 1828 Petition analysis-- here is the original copy of the petition. Donated by Jerry L. Walrath. In MS Word format.
WALROD Family Addendum to this original file. Donated by Jerry L. Walrath. 1858 Will of John J Walradt 1782-1858 (husband of Lucretia Huginen), Transcribed copy of the will. Donated by Jerry L. Walrath
Letter from Charles P. Walrath giving his family from Stark (Herkimer Co.) NY, Transcription of the previous letter. Will and Guardianship order, All donated by Jerome Walrath
WANDS-Origins, Legends, Etc.
WANDS, William W.
WINDECKER, Johann Hartman Genealogy Contributated by Harry Windecker
WITTHOFT Family, excerpts, 1999.
WORMUTH, Wilhelm, Descendants. Donated by Laurie Kearney.
WRIGHT, Wilson Robert, genealogy
VEEDER, VADER Genealogy Greatly Expanded!
Village of St. Johnsville--Cemetery records
Voters of St. Johnsville, 1917-18 (Link leads to another site, use back button to return to this page.)
YOUKER Family, contributed by Robert Youker
YOUNG (Jung) Families of the Mohawk Valley

GRAPHICS (Remember they load slowly)

1799 Assessment Roll for the Town of PalatineThis shows who was on the land in 1799.
1852 Erie Canal and Mohawk River painting
1897 Lithograph of St. Johnsville.
Advertisement from 1861. Graphic, loads slowly.
Bellinger, Johannes house
Burning of The Valleys, reenactment Sept. 24-25, 2005
Christie's Rift, where Johnson crossed the Mohawk River and made his escape.
Cleaning the Erie Canal in the Spring.
1756 Crown Map Collection, excellent series of maps showing all the buildings in the valley at that time.
Declaration of Independence
De Wint House or Washington's Headquarters during the Andre trial
Elizabeth Brant
Farmhouse at Fort Klock, built 1750, view in early 1900s.
Fort Hunter
Fort Johnson drawn by Guy Johnson
Fort Johnson, Colonial Days 2004
Fort Kayser
Fort Klock in 1900
George Washington, letter
Governor George Clinton
Grider, Rufus. Thank you Mr. Grider!
Happy Thanksgiving
Haunted Fort, 2002 (Fort Klock)
Henry Schoolcraft Letter from Michilimackinac
Interesting Asides Some Donations. Early Photo of Erie Canal
Interrupted Harvest; More Interrupted Harvest October 1999 (Fort Klock)
Interrupted Harvest; 2001 (Fort Klock)
Interrupted Harvest 2003 at Fort Klock, Page One and Page Two and The Skirmish.
Joseph Brant Thayendanegea, The Great Captain of The Six Nations
Klock Cemeteries
Klock Family Photo 1902
Klock Family Photo 1902 with (deceased) Molly Don added
Klock Family Photo 1920
Klock Family Reunion, 2001
Klock Family Reunion, 2003, Posted August 17, 2003.
Klock Family Reunion, 2004
Klock's House Rufus Grider
Lock #33
Lock #35
Main Street Postcard, looking west from a bit farther east than the next postcard. Main Street Postcard, looking west.
Main Street Postcard, looking east, Bird's Eye view of St. Johnsville From the south side.
Molly Brant
Nellis Toll House
Opening Day, 2001 (Fort Klock)
Paris, Isaac; House from the Historic American Buildings Survey
Pen and Ink Sketch of Fort Klock, 1950 by Nelson Greene
Peter Warren, mentor to William Johnson
Proclamation of George III
PUTNAM, General Israel
Roundhouse in St. Johnsville.
Scenic #1, Scenic #2 Photos from Fort Klock
Schoharie Forts, graphic of Upper, Lower and Middle Forts
Scudder Falls
Sir William Johnson, Bart, Major General of the English Forces in North America.
Snells Bush Church
Snell, Zimmerman, Timmerman Reunion 2004
South side of St. Johnsville, early photo.
Sponable Family photo, Nelliston
St. John's Reformed Church. The Wooden Church 1804, etc.
St. John's Reformed Church Postcard.
St. Johnsville wooden bridge, early 1900s.
St. Johnsville from the south side, looking north.
St. Johnsville many photos of the Mohawk Valley and surrounding area! (July 20, 2003)
St. Johnsville Train Station across the river from St.Johnsville
St. Nicholas Day, 1998, Fort Klock
St. Nicholas Day 1999, Fort Klock
St. Nicholas Day 2000, Fort Klock
St. Nicholas Day 2001, Fort Klock
Stone Arabia Cemetery page one, page two (Posted June 8, 2003)
Stonrapie, 1753 (Stone Arabia)
Strawberry Festival, July 4, 2001, Fort Klock
Village of St. Johnsville, Treasurer's Report, 1908, Page one, page two, page three, page four
Wedding, July 4, 2004, Glenn and Jamie Bentz
Wallpaper of Indian Castle Church
Young Pioneers Interesting summer program for young people. See the photos from 1999.
Zimmerman's Mill, marker on the Pre-Revolutionary Dam.


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The Wallace Land Patent of 1770
115th Regiment
(Iron Hearted)
Albany Schenectady Railroad

Asher Freeman, Autobiography
Brant and Herkimer The council at Unadilla
Brant The Patriot
Brant, Joseph, a letter in his handwriting
Bryant's Popular History of the United States, part 37, 1878
Carleton, Sir Guy, Portrait
Caughnawaga, the old Dutch Church
Caughnawaga, in the Revolutionary War
Cherry Valley Turnpike
Cochran, Dr. John; Friend of George Washington
Col. Jacob Klock's Regiment
Colonel John Brown from History of Pittsfield, 1869.
Colonel John Brown
by Robert L. French. Used with permission.
Counties in New York, How they were formed
Declaration of Independence, Mohawk Valley
"Dutch" of the Mohawk Valley Were the Palatines Dutch or German?
Dutch Reformed Church and the Reformed Church
East Creek Power and the development of St. Johnsville
Early Canajoharie
Early Days of the Valley
Early Montgomery County
Eastern Gateway of the United States Formation of the valley and facts.
Early Education in the Mohawk Valley, schools for whites
English Crown Grants

Erie Canal, by David Minor, Part one,
Part Two, Part Three, Part Four, Part Five, Part Six
Ephratah Reformed Church
Excerpts about the Militia from George Clinton Papers.
Faiths of Our Fathers, Historic Churches Bus Tour 2003.
Fort Klock, was it ever attacked? by James F. Morrison
Geographical Descriptions of some Counties, Cities, Villages
Grace Church, 125th Anniversary.
Haldimand: Sir Frederick and his Influence on the Mohawk Valley
Haldimand, Sir Frederick, portrait
Heroine of the Revolution, Getter Vanderzee
Historical Fallacies regarding Colonial New York.

History of Fort Klock, written in 1955 just as the organization was being formed.
History Preserved, the story of the Dutch Barn
Interesting Map A study by Guy Beardslee on the East Creek Patents
Iroquois Confederation Constitution, basis for our Constitution?
Johnson Papers, concerning land patents, Part Two, Part Three, Part Four
Lincoln Trains, for The Inaugration and The Funeral Train
Little Falls at 150 years, part one. Little Falls at 150 years, part two. Little Falls at 150 years, part three. Little Falls at 150 years, part four. Little Falls at 150 years, part five. Little Falls at 150 years, part six. Little Falls at 150 years, part seven
Mill The mill in St. Johnsville
Mohawk Valley as a Stage Setting
Money Hole -- Samuel Pettingill. Mrs. Pettingil's escape in 1781 and the Rowland Family.
Montgomery County in 1772, Tryon County, changes over the years. Includes a map
Naming of the Village of St. Johnsville
Nothing Happened Today From a page in the diary of King George III of England under date July 4, 1776: "Nothing Happened Today"
Old Montgomery County, Facts about our county's past and present
Palatines of the Rhine
Palatine Emigration of 1709-1719
Patent Application 1755
Parsonage Story of St. John's Reformed Church's first parsonage
Persecution of the Loyalists
A Possible Origin of The Name "Stone Arabia"
Railroads, The First one in New York, Lincoln's Funeral Train
Revolutionary War Officers Killed or Wounded at Oriskany
Sammons Family in The Revolution
Sammons Monument, unveiling
Scots in America
Shell Game, one of history's mysteries.
Slavery in the early years
Schuyler Mansion
Stagecoach on Cherry Valley Turnpike
Stories, 5 from the valley.
Topography of Country between Oswego and Albany from a very early source
Tumbling Waters Electricity in St. Johnsville 1898.
Unrest and war, Committee of Safety, local battles, Revolutionary period residences, Battle of Stone Arabia, Border Wars
The Wagner Re-Interment
Washington's Visit to The Mohawk Valley
Why Land Was Important to the Palatines. The story of Sir William Johnson and George Klock.
Wormuth, Matthew's Death (1778)


Cochran farm Friend of Washington's. Cochran was Director of Hospitals during Revolutionary War
Dutch Style Barns, by Paul C. Flanders.
Ehle House Built in 1729.
Fort Klock, Barn, School House
Fort Wagner Includes article by Nan Dixon
Fox House
Manheim Reformed Church
Nellis Tavern.
Palatine Church, brief history of the church
Palatine Church Built in 1770, story about the restoration of the organ
School Klock School, History
Seaman's Grist Mill, West St. Johnsville
Snell's Bush Church
St. John's Reformed Church parsonage
St. Paul's, Chapel of the Mohawks Map of the Six Nations
Stone Arabia Reformed Church
Walrath House, Nelliston, Photo of old stone house before modernized.
Wormuth House
Youker's Bush Church


Klock Papers Part One Part Two Part Thee Part Four Part Five Part Six Part Seven and Notes
Klock Letters from Oregon
Klock Letters 1855-1860
Klock Letters 1823-1829
Klock Letters 1830-1836
Letter from Col. Klock to Col. Fisher
Letter from Col. Klock to Abraham Ten Broeck
Letter from Col. Klock to Edward Hand
Letter from George Washington to Jacob I. Klock
What the Fort Klock Papers Reveal (Synopsis)


1763 Land Grant - John Pickerd


LINKS to other sites
Palatine Genealogical Books by Henry Z. Jones


Mabee Farm, Oldest surviving home in the area. 1680
Mabee Farm, June 2, 2007

MAPS (A bit of background here. First our area was in Albany County, then Tryon County. After the war the county was renamed--Montgomery County. The town or township was Palatine, then Oppenheim, and last--the Town of St. Johnsville. To further add to the confusion, there is a Town of St. Johnsville and a Village of St. Johnsville.)

Location of St. Johnsville, NY. Map of Central New York State.
1650 Map
1756 Crown Map Collection, excellent series of maps showing all the buildings in the valley at that time.
1757 Map
Larger, Detailed 1757 Map of the Mohawk Valley, for those who need to see more!
1763 Map showing French and English land.
1768 Map of the Mohawk Valley
1771, Map of Tryon County. Large file, be patient.
1776 Military Campaign
1777 Northern Campaign, Revolutionary War
1777 Political Map
1779 Map of the Mohawk Valley
1779 Map of the Province of New York, prepared for Major General William Tryon
1797 Map of North American with all new discoveries
1853 Map of Town of St. Johnsville
1868 Map of the Village of St. Johnsville with residents homes identified. Slow load 396K.
1857 Map of the Indian Castle Area
1905 Atlas of eastern part of Town of St. Johnsville
Burnetsfield Patent Map Burnetsfield Patentees
Butler Patent
Glen Patent
Harrison Patent Land Map of purchase of land from the Indians
Harrison Patent lot holders after the Revolutionary War. Graphic, loads slowly!
Henau Germany
Historical Map of the Central Mohawk Valley by John C. Devendorf, 1967. 501 K, but a must see!
Indian Castles in the Mohawk Valley
Iroquois Country, use back button to return to this page.
Johnson, Sir John: Map of 1780 Raids
Klock's Purchase
Klock/Nellis Patent, East end, West end. Graphic, loads slowly! Read the legal description. Donated by Ken Nellis
Later Palatine Arrivals
Maginnis Patent
Mid NY Patents
Mohawk Country 1690-1790
Mohawk Turnpike and The Seneca Road
Oothout Patent
Palatine Settlements Map
Patents South of the Mohawk River
Patent map of south side below Little Falls
Province of New York, 1779 Use your back button to return to this page
Schoharie County in 1802
Snell-Zimmerman Patent Map
Snell-Timmerman Patent from The Enterprise and News 11/37
Stone Arabia Cemetery Map, made in 1907. Use your "Back" button to return to this page.
Stone Arabia Patent Map
Stone Arabia Patent, with names

Susquehanna & Delaware Rivers, Patent Map of lower part of South-west Side of the Mohawk
Susquehanna & Delaware Rivers, Patent Map of South-west Side of the Mohawk
Susquehanna & Delaware Rivers, Patent Map of South-east Side of the Mohawk
Town of Sharon, 1866
Van Driesen, John, Patent
Van Driesen, Petrus Patent
Van Slyke Patent
Van Slyke Patent donated by K. Johnson
Zimmerman Creek, the water power furnished by one tiny creek supported a lot of manufacturing!


Text Version of 1799 Assessor's Roll
Did You Know?
Kilts Family Reunion and other Reunions for 2004
Kilts Family Reunion, 2000, Reunion Photo, 2001, Kilts Family Runion, 2003, Kilts Reunion 2004
Geogolical Formation at East Creek
History Tidbits
Mystery Photos, can you help identify?
Fort Klock Press Release, 2000, Fort Klock Press Release, 2001
The Secret in the Washington Monument


Canajoharie Castle Indian village
Castle Teonondoge Indian village
Castle Teontoge
Castles of the Red Man of the Mohawk
Col. Guy Johnson to Lt. Gov. Colden, letter
Decharihoga Chief of the Conajohares to Sir William Johnson
Early Troubles with the Mohawks
Hendrick, honored King Hendrick
Indian Affairs The state of Indian affairs
Indian Stories Tell me an Indian Story
Indians of the Mohawk Valley
Indian in His Wigwam, Henry R. Schoolcraft,
1848; Selections.
Iroquois History, Location, Population, etc . This link will lead you to another site, use your back button to return here.
Kateri Called the "Lily of the Mohawks"
Lily's Death Sketch of Life of Indian Maid, Kateri Tekakwitha
Mohawk Castles Mohawk's Castles of 1634
Mohawk Valley Indian Life in the Mohawk Valley
Mohawk Valley Indian Notes
Molly Brant's Letter to Col. Claus
Moravian Missionary Journey to the Mohawks
Prehistoric Man in the Mohawk Region
Red Man Castles of the Red Men in the Valley
Red Men of the Mohawk Valley
Turtle Castles
Valley, when it was young.


Bertha Dillenbeck
KLOCK Obituaries


Fort Klock as it appeared in the 1830's


The First Regiment or Grenadier Regiment of Foot Guards


Signatures, (Klocks) found among the Klock papers
Ehle Signatures
found among the Ehle family papers


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BELLINGER, Frederick
BRITTEN, Joseph, Page One, Page Two
GETMAN, Christian
GETMAN Frederic
GROFF, Christian
JOHNSON, Sir William Johnson
KLOCK, Col. Jacob Page One, Page Two.
KLOCK, Col. Jacob, text form of the will
WILLS, (Evert Wendell, Harmanus Wendell, Teunis Bergen, Johana Van Laur, Eleanor Bayne, Thomas Chambers, William Harrison, Frederick Bellinger, Johanes Hess, John Sanders)
WILLS, (Isaac Paris, Casper Lipe, Peter Sarvicis, Jurry Mosseer, Christophel Fox, John Van Driesen, Jr.)

NOTICE: Articles are presented as written. Historical accuracy cannot be guaranteed.

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