Three Rivers
History From America's Most Famous Valleys

New York In The Revolution as Colony and State
by James A. Roberts, Comptroller
Compiled by Frederic G. Mather
Second Edition 1898

Two Volumes

The Levies--Independent Corps of 1,000 Men
(Raised under Act 33, passed March 13, 1779)

Lieut. Rial Bingham.

The Line and the Levies -- (Not Identified)

The following men (according to the certificates of the muster-masters) served either in the Line or the Levies, having been hired by the several classes under the Land Bounty Rights; but, there is nothing in the Land Bounty Rights to indicate in which regiment of the Line or the Levies they served. Their regiments, however, are indicated elsewhere.

Colonel Fred Weisenfels; Major Elias Van Benschoten; Capt. Joseph Harrison; Capt. Jonathan Pearsee; Capt. Henry Pawling; Lieut. John Ostrander.

Enlisted Men.

Barlow Joseph
Brush David
Buckhout James
CJark Benjamin
Clark John
Clark Samuel
Collins John
Concklin Samuel
Constable Garret
Cook Darius
Cook John
Cornelius John
Cowen Thomas
Cry John
Davis John
Davis William
Day Aaron
Delaney Dennis
De Witt William
Douglass James
Doxey Stephen
Dubois Cornelius
Dubois John
Dumond Cornelius
Dutcher Henry
Elsworth John
Elsworth William, Sr.
Elsworth William, Jr.
Ennis Peter
Fiero Abraham
Finch John
Foot John
Foot Simeon
Fowler George
Garrison John
Gee Moses
Gildersleeve Joseph
Green James
Griffin John
Hall Robert
Hardenberg John L.
Harington William
Harris Henry
Harris William
Havens Thomas
Helmer John
Hicks John
Hood John
Horton Thomas
Hosier Thomas
Johns on John
Johnson Josiah
Johnston Benjamin
Jones David
King John
King William
Lane Jeremiah
Lane William
Lee Jonathan
Livingston Richard
Low John
Lusk Jacob
McArthur Alexander
McCoy Daniel
Mc Coy John
Martin Thomas
Miles William
Miller Andrew
Miller George
Miller James
Miller Peter
Milligan Robert
Moore William
More John
Murphy Thomas
Myers Abraham
Myers David
Odle Jonathan
Osterhout Henry
Owens Isaac
Perigo Usual
Perry David
Plough Henry
Price John
Pudney Thorn
Richardson William
Robertson William
Robins Daniel
Robison James
Romer Aaron
Rowley Seth
Sluyter Cornelius
Sluyter Jacob
Smith Isaac
Smith JohnSmith Lemuel
Smith William
Smith Zachariah
Southard Henry, Jr.
Speed Henry
Stephens John
Stevens John
Steward John
Stewart Charles
Stewart John
Taylor John
Thompson Jomes
Thompson John
Todd Adam
Van Buren George
Vandemark Cornelius
Vanderlyn Peter
Van Dermark Cornelius
Vandyke Cornelius
Welch John
Wells Peter
White James
White John
Wilson William
Windfield Simon
Wolff Samuel
Wood Robert
Young Henry

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