Three Rivers
History From America's Most Famous Valleys

New York In The Revolution as Colony and State
by James A. Roberts, Comptroller
Compiled by Frederic G. Mather
Second Edition 1898

Two Volumes

Tryon County Militia--Battalion of Minute Men

Colonel Samule Campbell

Capt. Francis Utt; Lieut. Adam Lipe; Lieut. Jacob Matthais; Ensign William Suber
Ayle Christian
Ayle Peter
Ayles William
Bellinger William
Bohall Adam
Bydaman Simon
Countreyman Counradt
Countreyman John
Cramer John
Crows George
Dedrick David
Duncle Nicholas
Duncle Peter
Dunkle Gerrit
Endler Michal
Felling Henry John
Felling Henry Nicholas
Felling Peter
Flock John
Harld Henrey
Hickey George
Jones William
Jordan Adam
Jordan Casper
Jorand George
Jordan John
Keller Andrew
Kerlack Adam
Kerlack George
Kesler Thomas
Kessler John
Korey Benjamin
Lapp Daniel
Lipe John
Miller Deonycenons
Netherly John
Netherly John, Jr.
Othermark John B.
Plats Geroge
Schall Hendrick
Schall John
Schall Matthyas
Scrembling Henry
Scremling David
Seeber Jacob
Stansel Nicholas
Steffan John
Truax John
Ulshaver Bastian
Wahadt Geroge
WAlradt William
Westerman Peter
While Henry
While Youst Henry
Woulkermough John
Wourmuth John
Wourmuth Peter
Young Jacob
Young John
Young Peter

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