Three Rivers
History From America's Most Famous Valleys

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Out Of Time

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Synopsis Out Of Time

Here is what those who have read the preview are saying about the book...

“AJ Berry writes with insight and authority. She brings to the table
a wealth of historical knowledge and perspective to providean
authentic resonance to this novel of a truly timeless romance.
An exhilarating roller coaster ride with a wide panorama of events
and personalities as a backdrop.” ~~Kenneth Lifshitz author,
Donderburg's Pumpkin Vine and Down by Our Vineyard.

“A unique blend of historical fact and fiction. What do you need
to know in order to live if you were swept back 100 or 200 years.”
~~ Gerald Horton, author and lecturer.

“History, romance and adventure always a great combination,
but this writer takes us beyond great in this inspiring novel.
She makes you think, and allows the reader to look inside the
lives of our fore fathers that sacrificed their property, tears, and
their lives; in the purchase of our inherent freedoms. Hope is a
woman of great character, and gives us a peek at the women
behind the men, a story often missed throughout our history.
This is a must read series!!” ~Barbara J. Pickard, Genealogist & Historian

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Part Two of the Series. (Synopsis)
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by AJ Berry, 473 pages, Perfect bound.

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Part Three, Time for Healing

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Part Three About the Book

The time slip suddenly was filled with pitfalls and a lot of danger. It will take both of Hope and TJ with some outside help to survive this dreadful turn of events. TJ didn't come out of the experience unscathed, it left him 'titched in the head', and he began to do some very hurtful things to Hope.

Suddenly TJ and Hope's relationship did a twist, the man she fell in love with was no more. The horrific experience TJ and Hope had in the time slip left TJ a bit different. TJ became more and more strange and began drinking heavily. This was something Hope had not planned on happening. Everything Hope knew and loved was changing rapidly.

Part Four
462 Pages, Perfect Bound

The Time Traveler's Children

Our time traveler, Hope, and some of her children have been enjoying their time travel. Perhaps she was enjoying herself too much and didn’t pay attention to what her husband TJ had been doing. To her horror, she realized he was alcoholic. Worse still, he took up with another woman and then took his belt to her.

Then Hope’s best friend, Mariah, was dying from cancer. Good, loyal, Neik once more dried her tears and set her on the path to healing. Together they had some time traveling adventures; they visited the Holy Land and heard the Sermon On The Mount. Neik’s wife, Darl decided they had far too much fun, and no matter what, s he wanted to go along on a trip. The three of them went to merry old England during the time of Henry VIII. When she saw the heads on pikes, Darl was not amused and she screamed, which brought unwanted attention to them. The time of the visit was not calculated correctly and they managed to their horror, to see Anne Boleyn beheaded. Then Neik and Hope took Dark to visit Washington during the War of 1812 where they witnessed the conflagration and the following hurricane and tornado. All of them had more excitement than they planned on. The story takes a definite turn for the better. Something veryunplanned and most unexpected happened to Hope and her life was turned completely in another direction. In spite of saying “Never, Never”, she did it.

This is the fourth book in the series "Out of Time" by AJ Berry. The series has a good story line and has avid readers. Enjoy the next part of Hope’s adventures in the time slip.

486 pages, Perfect Bound
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551 pages; quality trade paperback (softcover); Fiction/Series; catalogue #08-1510; ISBN 1-4251-9179-7; US$32.00, C$32.00, EUR21.86, £16.52

The continuing story of the Time Traveler, Hope, and her family.

About the Book

The time traveler, Hope, continues to enjoy the benefits of controlled time travel and she introduced her husband to the joys of seeing the world and other times.

Darl, Neik's wife, was gravely ill and no doctor seemed to be able to help her. Hope and Neik appealed for very special help and were drawn into something totally unknown to them, but they needed help, and fast or very soon it would be too late for any help.

A very serious peril was facing the residents of the area, and causing massive fear and panic in the nation. For months, the earth continued to move and shake. There was no spot in the new nation that didn't feel the shaking of the earth. It didn't seem to know how to be quiet. Word spread to the residents of Spook Hollow about the massive earthquakes along the Mississippi River. There was a lot of speculation about the cause of the quakes, perhaps it was the end of the world for them. Maybe the earth would split open, or explode and the earth would be no more.

Trips back to Spook Hollow in the 21st century showed that some alarming changes had been made, so that the reality they knew was gone. Was this safe? Sometimes time travel was a mixed blessing and a little knowledge created a lot of fear.

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