7000 Hudson-Mohawk Valley, New York Vital Records
1808-1850 by Bowman
Copied by P. Hacker July 2001 at Cole Library, Carlsbad, California

Dockstader, Frederick (see Gray A. M.)

Dockstader, Frederick (see Vandenberg Peter)

Dockstader, Henry F. Esq. (see Mabee, William H)

Dockstader, Henry m 12/14/37, Rebecca Petrie Dau of Adam, in Manheim; Rev. Swarthammer (all of Manheim (3-12/21 - Little Falls Mohawk Courier)

Dockstader, Jane (see Petrie, Archibald)

Dockstader, Margaret (see Mabee, William H)

Dockstader, Marks L. (See Petrie, Archibald)

Dockstader, Nancy (see Gray A. M.)

Doxtater, E. R. of Adams m. 8/23/ 36 Abby M. Wardwell, dau of Hon. Daniel of Mannsville, Jefferson County, Rev G. S. Boardman (6-8/29 Albany-Daily Albany Argus, Aug 29, 36)

Getman, Sophone (see Myers, Jeremiah)

Getman, Anna Eliza (Mrs.) (see Smith, Adam)

Getman, Chauncey m: 2/20/48 Catharine Lipe, dau of John I; Rev Dr. McLean (all of Fort Plain) (4-3/9 Fort Plain Montgomery Phoenix Mar 9, 1848)

Getman, Chauncey m: 9/22/36 Catharine Bellinger at Columbia; Rev Devoe (3-9/29 Little Falls Mohawk Courier Sept 29, 36)

Gray A.M. of firm of Smith & Gray m (no date) Nancy Dockstader dau ofFredrick; Rev John Spencer (all of Herkimer) (3-4/26/38 Little Falls Mohawk Courier)

Vandenberg, Peter of Manchester m: 8/14/40 Margaret Dockstader dau of Frederick of Herkimer at home; Rev J. P. Spinner (3-9/3 Little Falls Mohawk Courier Sept 3, 1840)

Mabee, William H. of firm ofW. H. & J. Mabee ofFonda m: 9/27/37 Margaret Dockstader dau of Henry F. Esq: Rev. Alan Van Home (6-10/2 Daily Albany Argus Oct 2, 37)

Petrie, Archibald m: 4/20/37 Jane Dockstader, dau of Marks L. in Manheim; Rev Swackhammer (3-5/4 Little Falls Mohawk Courier)

Myers, Jeremiah m: 10/20/36 Sophrone Getman in Columbia; Rev David Devoe (all of Columbia) (3-10/27 Little Falls Mohawk Courier)

Smith, Adam m: 6/12/36 Mrs. Anna Eliza Getman both of Manheim, in Little Falls; Rev Burtis (3-6/16 Little Falls Mohawk Courier)

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