Copied from Montgomery Co. Dept. History and Archives, Fonda, NY
Microfilmed by Genealogy Society of Salt Lake City, Utah (October 21,1980)
Project #NYR-1 29A, Roll #3, Item 12
Copied by P. Hacker, February 2001


July 15, 1847
Philip Steinberg married Cinderella Getman both of Ephratah

December 8, 1847
George Duyguard, age 26, Palatine, and Clare Ann Doxstater, Palatine, age 36

May 20, 1849
Benjamin Soules (Soals) Ephratah to Julia Huff (Ephratah)

September 20, 1888
Berton Walts, Freys Bush, age 21 to Ella Dockstader, Ephratah, age 18 His father Gashary Walts. Her father George Dockstader

September 11, 1889
Ezra Suits, Johnstown, to Minie Harrington, Johnstown, age 21. His father Richard Suits. Her father Henry Harrington.

January 5, 1890
William Getman, Ephratah, age 23, cheese maker, to Cora Quackenbush, Ephratah, age 18, Minden. His father Aaron Getman. Her father Henry Quackenbush

February 2, 1890
Lewis Getman, St. Johnsville, age 20 to Louisia Walt, Ephratah, age 22. His father Nathan Getman. Her father Nathan Walt.

December 29, 1892
James H. Soules, Keck Center, age 22 to Mary M. Scott, Keck Center, age 20. His father George Soules. Her father Hiram Scott.

December 21, 1893
Philip G. Getman, Stone Arabia, age 34, to Libbie Wormuth, Johnstown. His father George Getman. Her father William Wormuth

January 1, 1894
Herbert Getman, Johnstown, to Anna Bell Palmateer, Rockwood. His father Peter Getman. Her father Abram Palmateer

June 30,1897
Roscoe William Getman, Columbia, Herkimer Co., age 24 to Ida Dockstader, Ephratah, age 26. His father William Henry Getman. Her father Peter

January 3, 1899
Melvin Youngs, Gloversville, age 24 to Jura Catherine Nellis Getman, Gloversville, age 24. His father Hiram Youngs. Her father Delbert Getman

September 11, 1901
Clark Dockstader, Ephratah, age 34, farmer, to Carrie Suits, Ephratah, age 27. His father Peter Dockstader. Her father Adam Suits. Witness Mary E. Getman, Harrietta Duesler

December 4, 1901
Harry Pomeroy Lake, Mohawk, age 24 to Elmira Getman, Ephratah, age 23. Hi
father Peter Lake. Her father Leander Getman

November 2, 1902
David Perry, Caroga, age 35 to Nancy Getman, Rockwood, age 25. His father John Perry. Her father Jacob Getman

September 25, 1907
Anson Suits, Ephratah, age 28 to Ophelia Souls, Ephratah. His father Adam
Suits. Her father M. Souls

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