Dorcas Doxtater born April 30, 1807 wife of John Lathers bom May 29, 1805
Probably their children: Lydia J. born August 14, 1834
John H. bom January 7, 1837
Peter J. bom August 7, 1839
William A, born November 5, 1844

George I. Dockstader died June 3, 1861 at age 66 yr, 8 ms, 29 days
Elizabeth Dockstader died March 4, 1863 at age 67 yr, 8 days (widow of George)

Above from

Rome Citizen Newspaper, April 23,1886, Rome, Oneida County, NY
In Utica, NY, April 20, 1886 by Rev Albert Bingham, Will R. Doxtater of Little Falls, NY to Miss Satie ]
Haynes, MaarcyNY. (RC April 12, 1886)

Rome Prime Sentinel Newspaper
Josephine B. Dockstader died November 20, 1975

Joslin Cemetary, Pines Road, Town of Boonville
George Getman died March 11, 1880 Co. D, 34 Regt, NY.V at 42 years.

Maple Flats Cemetary, Town of Vienna, Oneida County, NY
Getman, Helen W. d/Wakefield. George W
w/Getman, Lyie C (no data) Lot 172
Getman, Lyie C. (1913 -5/22/1998 Rome) Lot 172, Sec 5 Grave 3

Getman, Roy L., s/Getman, Lyie C & Helen W. Wakefield (1944-1963) Lot 172
Getman, Ruth Ellen, d/Getman, Lyle C & Helen W. Wakefield (6/3/1940 on stone) Lot 242

Oneida County Marriages 1847-1851
December 9, 1849 - Eliza Getman, age 19, Town of Russia, married Daniel Stowel, age 23, Trenton

Christ Church Marriage Index
George W. Doxtater
Van Resselar Getman
Married in the First Religious Society of the Town of Rome between 1807 & 1899
Now known as The First Presbyterian Church - 108 W. Court St., Rome, NY

First Creek Landing Cemetary, Cook Road, Town of Vienna
Doxtater, Eddy s/Doxtater Robert H & Hannah (abt 4/1859-12/13/1860 (ROWH)
Doxtater, John Wesley s/Doxtater Robert H & Hannah (abt 2/71851 - 1/9/1861) (ROWH)
Doxtater, Louisa d/Doxtater Robert H & Hannah (abt 9/?1856-12/14/1860) (ROWH)

Harmonus M. Ehle bom abt 1770 died after 1850
Parents - Michael Ehle and Jane Van Der Werken
Married Elizabeth F. Dockstader on February 22, 1795 in Montgomery County
Children: Elizabeth Ehle

Andrew Lossa, bom September 24, 1861, died September 13, 1931
Married Metta Failing on June 9, 1889
She was bom August 31, 1872, Palatine, Montgomery County, she died April 19, 1954

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