Three Rivers
History From America's Most Famous Valleys

Early Eighteenth Century Palatine Emigration
A British Government Redemptioner Project to Manufacture Naval Stores
by Walter Allen Knittle, Ph.D.
Department of History
College of the City of New York
Published Philadelphia, 1937


The first list given below (I) is a compilation of two documents. The fifteen names followed by asterisks are the first settlers who arrived in that region before May 13, 1723. These names are signed to a petition given in Colonial Records of Pennsylvania, III, 323. The other names in the list are taken from a petition or a road from Olney to Tulpehocken presented to the court of Quarter Sessions at Philadelphia in September, 1727. Professor William T. Hinke of Auburn Seminary, Auburn, New York, deserves credit for his fine work identifying these names.

The second list (II) was compiled by Mr. C. Lindemuth, now deceased, from land deeds and land patents and published in The Pennsylvania German (Lebanon, Pennsylvania, 1904), V, 191. Although the map drawn up by Mr. Lindemuth, locating the patens, was dated by him "1723," it obviously should be of some later date, certainly after 1728.


Aemrich, Michgel

Barben, Martin

Batdorff, Martin

Braum, Pfilbes

Christ, Jocham Michael*

Christman, Johannes

Diffenbach, Conrad

Enterfelt, Johan

Feb, Lenhart

Fidler, Godfrey*

Fischer, Sebastian*

Herner, Michael Ernst

Klob, Peter

Kobff, Jacob

Korbell, Jacob

Lantz, Johannes *

Lauk, Abraham

Lesch, Adam

Lesch, Georg

Nefs, Niclas

Neft, Balt.*

Pacht, Johann Peter*

Riem, Niclas

Riet, Caspar

Riet, Lenhart

Rieth, Georg*

Rieth, John Leonard*

Rieth, Peter*

Ruell, Niclas

Sab, Joseph*

Schadt, Antonis*

Schaeffer, Johannes Claus*

Schaffer, Friedrich

Schaffer, Niklas

Schitz, Conrad*

Schuchert, Johann Henrich

Stub, Marden

Walborn, Adam

Walborn, Andres*

Wasserschmidt, Stephan

Zerbe, Lorentz*


Anspach, Balthaser

Anspach, Leonhart

Batdorff, Martin

Blum, Ludwig

Boyer, Hans

Braun, Philip

Brossman, Francis

Cushwa, Isaiah

Deck, Nickolaus

Diffebach, Adam

Diffebach, Conrad

Ernst, Michael

Essel, Reinhold

Etchberger, Jacob

Fischer, Lawrence

Fischer, Sebastian

Fohrer, Johann

Goldman, Conrad

Heckedorn, Martin

Holston, Leonhard

Kapp, Jacob

Kayser, Christopher

Kinzer, Nicholas

Kitzmuller, Jonas

Lauks, Abraham

Lauer, Christian

Lebo, Peter

Lederman, Jacob

Lesch, Adam

Lesch, Geroge

Long, Conrad

Minnisch, Matthias

Reiss, Michael

Reith, Caspar

Rieth, George

Rieth, John Leonard

Rieth, Michael

Rieth, Nicholas

Schaeffer, Jacob

Schaeffer, Peter

Schell, Peter

Schmidt, Michael

Schuetz, Adam

Seigner, Hans George

Shump, Christopher

Stupp, Adam

Unruh, George

Walborn, Christina

Walborn, Herman

Weiser, Christopher

Weiser, Conrad

Weiser, Michael

Weyant, Nicholas

Wenrich, Franz

Winte, Frederick

Zeh, George

Zeller, Johann

Zerbe, Peter

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