by Nancy Cioch

News About Yellow Church Cemetery, 2002

On Saturday, June 1 the Old Yellow Church Cemetery Association held a dedication ceremony for a newly erected cemetery map case. This map is a surveyor's map of the cemetery. B. H. Koetteritz, a civil engineer and surveyor from Little Falls surveyed the cemetery in 1912. The individual lots are numbered and a list provides the names. A local artist, Kip Garlock worked on the project. The map case was erected on the site at the entrance to the cemetery. The Cemetery Board decided to dedicate this sign to the late Bessie Glover, who devoted many years to the Cemetery Board and the preservation of this Historical cemetery. Henry Crofoot donated the plaque, denoting this dedication.

Over 30 people attended this dedication, including her family members, friends, and others who are concerned with preserving our historical sites. A speech was given by Alice Glover Fake, who spoke on the many years of her mother's dedicated service - mowing, trimming, serving as Treasurer and encouraging others to join in the preservation of the cemetery. Benediction was led by lay minister Donald Williams.

The Yellow Church cemetery is the final resting-place of 45 Revolutionary soldiers. There is a monument there with the names of the soldiers who fought at the Battle of Oriskany or served in the Revolutionary War. This year marks the 225th Anniversary of that famous battle - which many believe, was the turning point in the Revolutionary War and made the birth and independence of our Nation possible. That battle helped to make the Battle at Saratoga a success and turned the tide on the British and led to the French Alliance.

The Map Case will be a focal point for visitors to the cemetery who are tracing their ancestors. This map includes the old list of the names of people who are buried there. It has been erected to provide for further additions and corrections. Anyone who has information on errors or needed additions please contact the cemetery association secretary, Nancy Cioch at (315) 866-3419 or email:

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