The Reformed Calvinist Church of The Upper Part of Palatine In The County of Montgomery or "Klock's Church".

Klock's Church was east of the present day Village of St. Johnsville. The Federalist style church was built in 1803 and named St. John's in 1804; it was located on Church Street, but later moved to W. Main Street and enlarged. 1880 it was torn down to build the 1881 brick building.

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Our Church and Activities

Sunday School, Jan 29, 2006
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New Members Joining The Church
Posted 12/13/2005. Photos by Allan G. Edmunds
Stewardship Play, November 2005 Posted 12/13/2005. Photos by Allan G. Edmunds
Who We Are and What We Believe.
What We Do Updated 12/13/2005.
Youth Group News
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History of The Church

St. John's Reformed Church. History of the church and early Palatine settlement (1970 revision) Best History of The Church. Written by Dr. Norman Thomas in 1947, revised in 1970.
St. John's Reformed Church, 225th Anniversary Update by Dawn Capece

St. John's Reformed Church, history written in 1920, (not as accurate)

St. John's Reformed Church, Part Played by Women (1920)
St. John's Reformed Church, Various Names over the Years, and First Missionaries
St. John's Reformed Church, Centennial Notes
Old Indian Gift of Deed

Historical notes on The Reformed Church in America ; The History of Montgomery Classis R.C.A by W.N.P. Dailey, 1916.
History of Montgomery Classis, RCA The History of Montgomery Classis R.C.A by W.N.P. Dailey 1916 (Link is to the Three Rivers site.) Covers all the churches in Montgomery Classis.
Mohawk Valley "Dutch", was the church German Reformed? by AJ Berry
Naming of the Village of St. Johnsville; which came first? The church or the village? by AJ Berry (Link leads to the Three Rivers web site.)
Photo of the second church, wooden building, enlarged.
St. John's Reformed Church. The Wooden Church 1804, etc. Photo courtesy of MRM Library
St. John's Reformed Church Postcard, mailed in 1908.
St. Johnsville's First Church (Jeptha Simms); Frontiersman of New York 1883.


1) Treasurer's Records, accounts of the Upper Palatine Church.
Lists of subscribers and pew holders, starting 1803.
2) Archive Book One, records begin in 1788
3) Archive Book Two, continued records to 1900
4) Historical Documents, early documents and deeds.

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